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Have YOU ever felt compelled

To Help A Rescue Group?

BIG  LOVABLE ARNOLD, was left to die, chained to another dog at the bottom of an irrigation ditch with neither food nor water, when found he was frantic, filthy, thirsty, hungry and very aggressive.  We took a chance on him, and now he lives happily with his new family that includes another Rotti, a cat, a young boy and tiny baby, he loves them all!

1979 Porsche 928 donated to Happy Tails
by well known Portland Attorney.
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What Does it Take To  Rescue?

Your rescue  "kit"  should include:

*  A heart of gold to accept those creatures that don't measure up as  "perfect"  in the eyes of the rest of the world.

* The people skills of a saleperson....to convince those that are looking for perfection that they will find it in a rescue dog if they are willing to look a little deeper.

* A heart of steel to be able to say no when there just isn't any more room for just one more dog.  A heart of gold to take  "just one more"

* The ability to smile and speak rationally when the 10th person for the day says  "I don't want this stupid dog anymore...take him or I am gonna shoot him."

*  Some medical knowledge...or your rescue vet bill will be bigger than the national debt.   The fine art of fund raising....so your vet bill can be reduced to just under the size of the national debt.

* Patience for:   breeders who don't care, won't help, turn their backs and say it's not their problem.

* Tongue biting ability when people don't realize the sensitivity of Rotties.

* Educating over and over, one person at a time, the importance of spay and neutering.

* Patience for:    dogs that were incorrectly placed and come to rescue with so much excess baggage that you think they will never be adoptable.

* Patience for:    owners who want a quick fix.

* Patience for:   a world that no longer looks at life as a gift and the lives that we create as breeders as nothing short of miracles.

* A sense of humor....because sometimes a smile on your face is the only way to hide the agony and turmoil in your heart.

* A husband with housekeeping skills that are so outstanding that they could be highlighted in Good Housekeeping Magazine....

* so you can devote your time to all the rescues and be secure in the knowledge that the local Board of Health will not condemn your house.

* Personal dogs that will tolerate the never ending stream of four legged orphans, waifs and street urchins that will start arriving the moment you say..."I have room."

* Children that like being the  "token"  child to socialize every dog that comes thru the door....being able to say  "good with kids"  is a real selling point.

* Magician skills so you can change anything that comes thru the door, from black with long tail and brown eyes, to short tail, good with kids, housebroken, crate trained and obedience trained.

* The ability to face the paperwork head-on and deal with it....or someone you can send it to and say..."Here, do something with this mess!"

* Grooming skills for those ugly ducklings waiting for their chance to be a swan.....with a little help from you.

* Did we talk about the mud, or is it poop on our shows, the fact that we always have black dog hair on us or paw prints on our clothes?

* Our vehicles bulge with shredded blankets, crates, various stuffed animal parts, chew toyz, flexi leashes, collars and treats?

* Or even owning a vehicle that doesn't have dog hair, and remnants of other odors.

* I could go on but you probably get the picture.... None of us have all of these things but we all know that the business of rescue is a team effort.   Each of us contribute what we can as a team member.   Some of us cannot handle the dogs...but...there are other things that must be done.   Without the volunteers that locate adoptable dogs, there wouldn't be anyu for us to rescue, then the transporters put thousands of miles on their vehicles, then various foster families help by watching a dog for a few weeks or months.   Still other people might donate their time, energy or a bag of dog food now and then.  Rescue is a large, strickly volunteer group of people united for the common good of saving the lives of animals.  Placing them with wonderful families is icing on the cake!

* Others tirelessly pull dogs from shelters and put thousands of miles on their vehicles, Some only want to work with the dogs.....so..leave the paperwork to those that like it.    No matter what your situation is....it is your willingness to help that is important.  Together we can do so much more.

Help support your favorite pet charity every time you shop.

Donate Online, Help fill our bucket?  If everyone that visited our site and was moved by it or the stories of the Rotts, your spare change can literally help save lives.  Most people don't give because of a lack of generosity, but because they feel their gift is insufficient.  Every little drop of even $1.00 or $2.00 is very important would help fill and eventually over flow our bucket.  Our growth has been overwhelming, we NEED to build a 80 x 120 foot enclosure for the Rotts with large outdoor runs, will you help?  

We promise not to  "hound"  you for greater donations, but thank you for your participation.  Remember your donation is tax deductible.

How about just using a specific search engine, how much easier can that be?  It costs YOU nothing, and each cent adds up for Happy Tails.

Or how about shopping online, you'll be saving gas and it can still help Happy Tails.

What if Happy Tails Rescue earned a penny every time you searched the Internet?    Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause?    Well, now it can!

   GoodSearch.com   is a new Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate.    Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch how the donations really add up!

  GoodShop.com   also offers a new online shopping mall which donates up to 37 percent of each purchase to your favorite cause!    Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you’ll be supporting your favorite cause.

Since it doesn't cost anything and you get proven search results, there's no reason not to use it!   We hope you'll not only use GoodSearch as your main search engine from now on, but will also tell your friends, family and co-workers so they, too, can start using GoodSearch to support their favorite cause!   Every little bit really does add up and can make a big difference for Happy Tails and the animals it supports.  Why wouldn't you do it?   Every little bit really does add up and can make a big difference for Happy Tails and the animals it supports.

We hear people say that they don't know what help they can be since they can't foster dogs.   Here are  one hundred plus ways  to help a rescue group, most of which do not require even touching the dog.  Let your imagination go wild, you can be assured that we NEED all the help we can get!

We know you can, but will you please help Happy Tails?

1.  Transport a dog?

2.  Donate a dog bed or towels, blankets or other  "bedding"type items?

3.  Donate money or food ?  Happy Tails uses 50,000 lbs of food yearly, plus many, many other items.

4.  Donate a Kong?  A nylabone?  A Hercules?

5.  Donate a crate or dog-run panels?

6.  Donate an x-pen or baby gates or fencing?

7. Donate a food dish or a stainless bucket for a crate?

8. Donate a leash?

9.  or Collar?

10.  Donate some treats or a bag of food or BARF?

11.  Donate a halti or promise collar or a gentle leader?

12.  Walk a dog?

13. Groom a dog?

14.  Donate some grooming supplies  (shampoos, combs, brushes, etc.)?

15.  Go to the shelter and see if that dog is the breed the shelter says it is or go with rescue to be a second opinion on the dog? Or go for rescue.

16.  Make a few phone calls?

17.  Mail out applications to people who have requested them? Answer email?

18.  Provide local vet clinics with contact information for educational materials on responsible pet ownership?

19.  Drive a dog to and from vet appointments? Or transport a dog?

20.  Donate long distance calling cards? Or pay a phone bill?

21.  Donate a scanner or digital camera, or office supplies?

22.  Donate the use of a photocopier?

23.  Attend public education days and try to educate people on responsible pet ownership?

24.  Donate a gift certificate to a pet or feed store?

25.  Donate a raffle item if your club is holding a fund raiser?

26.  Donate natural medicines?

27.  Donate canine supplements?

28.  Donate a canine first aid kit?  Or buy something from our WildCraftedFarmacy.

29.  Provide a shoulder to cry on when the rescue person is overwhelmed?

30.  Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week?   Two weeks?

31.  Be a  "Santa Paws"  foster to give the foster a break for a few hours or days?

32.  Clip coupons for dog food or treats?    Or make a deal with the grocer?

33.  Bake some homemade doggie biscuits?    Sell them for donations?

34.  Make book purchases through Amazon via a web site that contributes commissions earned to a rescue group?

35.  Host rescue photos with an information link on your web site? Or in your office?

36.  Donate time to take good photos of foster dogs for adoption flyers,etc?

37.  Conduct a home visit or accompany a rescue person on the home visit?

38.  Go with rescue person to the vet to help if there is more than one dog?

39.  Have a yard sale and donate the money to rescue?

40.  Be a volunteer to do rescue in your area? You'd be MORE than welcome!

41.  Take advantage of a promotion on the web or store offering a free ID tag and instead of getting it for your own dog, have the tag inscribed with a rescue's name and phone # to contact?

42  Talk to all your friends about adopting and fostering rescue dogs?

43.  Donate vet services or can you help by donating a spay or neuter each year?

44.  Interview vets to encourage them to offer discounts to rescues? Most DON'T!!

45.  Write a column for your newspaper or club on dogs currently looking for homes or ways to help rescue?

46.  Take photos of dogs available for adoption for use by the Club?

47.  Maintain web sites listing/showing dogs available?

48.  Help organize and run fundraising events?

49.  Help maintain the paperwork files associated with each dog or enter the information into a database?

50.  Tattoo a rescued dog?

51.  Scan for a Microchip a rescued dog?  Don't microchip, migrating chips cause tumors.

52.  Loan your carpet steam cleaner to someone who has fostered a dog that was sick or marked the house?

53.  Donate a bottle of bleach or other cleaning products?

54.  Donate or loan a portable dog run to someone who doesn't have a quarantine area for quarantining a sick or injured dog?

55.  Drive the fosters' children to an activity so that the foster can take the dog to obedience class?

56.  Use your video camera to film a rescue dog in action?

57.  Pay the cost of taking a dog to obedience class?

58.  Be the one to take the dog to its obedience class?

59.  Go to the foster home once a week with your children and dogs to help socialize the dog?  Take the dog for a daily or weekly walk.

60.  Help the foster clean up the yard (yes, we also have to scoop what those foster dogs poop)?

61.  Offer to test the foster dog with cats?

62.  Pay for the dog to be groomed or take the dog to a  "Do It Yourself" grooming place?

63.  Bring the foster take out so the foster doesn't have to cook dinner?

64.  Pay a house-cleaning service to do th spring cleaning for someone who fosters dogs all the time?

65.  Lend your artistic talents to your club's newsletter, fundraising ideas, T-shirt designs?

66.  Donate printer paper, ink cartridges, envelopes and stamps to your club?

67.  Go with a rescue person to the vet if a foster dog needs to be euthanized?

68.  Go to local shelters and meet with shelter staff about how to identify your breed or provide photos and breed information showing the different types of the breed may come in and the different color combinations?

69.  Go to the local businesses and solicit donations for a club's fundraising event?

70.  Offer to try and help owners be better pet owners by holding a grooming seminar?

71.  Help owners be better animal owners by being available to answer training questions?

72.  Loan a crate if a dog needs to travel by air?

73.  Put together an  "Owner's Manual"  for those who adopt rescued dogs of your breed?

74.  Provide post adoption follow up or support?

75.  Donate a coupon for a free car wash or gas or inside cleaning of a vehicle?

76.  Pay for an ad in your local paper to help place rescued dogs?

77.  Volunteer to screen calls for that ad?

78.  Get some friends together and build/repair pens for a foster home?

79.  Keep track of your own pups if you are a breeder, and register the chips, so if your dogs ever come into rescue, you can be contacted to take responsibility for your pup?

80.  Donate a small percentage of the sale of each pup to rescue if you are a breeder?

81.  Buy two of those really neat dog items you  "have to have"  and donate one to rescue?

82.  Make financial arrangements in your will to cover the cost of caring for your dogs after you are gone - so rescue won't have to?

83.  Make a bequest in your will to your local or national rescue?

84.  Donate your professional services as an accountant, lawyer, housecleaaner?

85.  Donate other services if you run your own business?

86.  Donate the use of a vehicle if you own a car dealership, or donate a transport vehicle?

87.  Loan your cell phone (and cover costs for any calls) to someone driving a rescued dog?

88.  Donate your  "used" dog dryer when you get a new one?

89.  Let rescue know when you'll be flying and that you'd be willing to be a rescued dogs' escort?

90.  Do something not listed above to help rescue?

91.  Donate a doggy seat belt?

92.  Donate a grid for a van or other vehicle?  Donate the vehicle.

93.  Organize a rescued dog picnic or other event to reunite the rescued dogs that have been placed?

94.  Donate other types of doggy toys that might be safe for rescued dogs?

95.  Donate a roll-a-treat or Buster cube, or agility equipment?

96.  Donate clickers of a video on clicker training?

97.  Donate materials for a quarantine area at a fosters' home?

98.  Donate sheets of linoleum or other flooring materials fo put under crates to protect fosters floor?

99.  Donate an engraving tool to make ID tags for each of the rescued dogs?

100.  Donate frequent flyer points so that the rescue can fly a dog from another area to safety?

101.  Offer to be a rescued dogs; flight escort, especially if your work requires you to travel frequently or you work in the travel industry?

102.  Do something not listed above to help rescue?  With a little imagination, couldn't you think of at least a dozen more things?

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Carol's K9 Creations

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Please visit our wonderful ADOPTABLE ROTTIES

   Just one click below on  "Petfinder Pages"  and you'll conect to all current listings!

Petfinder Pages

                  Please don't be offended, be informed!

100% Pure Flax Seed Oil   A German research indicates that Flax seed oil will repress tumor growths when taken in a 1:4 ratio with yogourt or cottage cheese, at least it doesn't taste bad and doesn't have side effects.   Read Dr Johanna Budwig, a well known German research scientist and her amazing articles concerning Flax.

Considered beneficial for angina, constipation, endometriosis, psoriasis and to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.    Flax is a drying oil expeller pressed from the seeds of the flax plant.   Uses include core oils, soap, shaving creams and pharmaceuticals.   In wood work finishing projects most people use  "dried"   Linseed oil...the driers unfortunately are all synthetic chemicals and don't drastically increase the speed of drying.   Plain Linseed/Flax oil on wood is excellent, it's a penetrating oil.    Great as a carrier oil with aromatherapy blends, helps prevent scars and stretch marks.    High in Vitamin E and stimulates cell regeneration.    If you're looking for bulk, natural Linseed oil which is fully edible OR can be used in wood working projects, or to make paints, stains....this is it.

Ark Naturals ~ Eyes So Bright

This product is amazing, it works super to remove debris from the eye, we humans use this too.   A four year old child in Florida launched herself on her dad's lap and his glass broke into her eye.   Her parents turned to the best eye specialists in the state with dismal results, and her daughter was not getting any better.   Finally, her parents tried this and she healed beautifully.  Great to have around in emergencies.  Contains beneficial herbs such as Goldenseal to help gently cleanse.  It does sting briefly, but then begins to sooth almost immediately.

Ziwi Canned Venison

You'll be tempted to try this canned venison yourself.  Doesn't your dog deserve the very best?  Great to use if your dog has food allergies, plus he'll love the taste!

There seems to be thousands of books about every aspect of dogs that anyone could imagine, we've chosen some of our favorites about various training techniques, agility, tracking, learning to bond, silly dog tricks and lots more and made them available to you.   These are grouped on a separate page where you can easily purchase them if you find them interesting.  Buying from our link will not cost you a penny extra and Happy Tails will earn a few cents from each purchase that helps support our rescue efforts.  In fact, I guess you could say that we've saved some of your time by doing the searching and picking some of our favorites that should have a broad appeal.  At least we give them a PAWS UP!   Or you can easily search on your home.  Enjoy your reading!

Click here to check out these great training books!

  Housebreak your dog in 7 days

 The Four Secrets Of Becoming A Super Trainer

 Bake A Dog A Bone

 How to Liter Box Train Your Dog

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