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There is nothing so heartbreaking as a senior companion animal being abandoned at a shelter because his or her owner died and didn't make provisions for his or her care.   It's sad enough losing your human companion, but so many companion animals are seniors and often with their own special needs that they stand little chance of adoption and are considered unadoptable (unmarketable) by shelters and are often killed immediately.  Surviving family members also may not sure your love for animals in general and will do what is quickest and easiest for themselves.  Many times a senior dog is tossed around like a hot potato from friend to friend, shelter to shelter until they die from grief.  It doesn't have to be this way.

While most of expect to outlive our companion animals, it doesn't always work out that way.   Sometimes it's a medical emergency, a home that has just burnt to the ground, death or just not being able to care for our beloved companions.   What will happen to your companions if something happens to you?  Do you really want to leave their fate uncertain?  Our companions would give their last breath for us, think of their years of unconditional love, joy, comfort, and loyal friendship.  Don't we owe it to them to prepare for their safety and security   " just in case" ?   This may be the greatest gift of love that we can give to them.

Happy Tails Rescue Association is also a sanctuary.  Regarless whether your companion is a dog, cat, farm animal, if we can't personally provide them the best care that they deserve in your absense we will make a commitment to you and them to ensure that they are placed in a loving new home or similar sanctuary for the remainder of their natural life.  By natural life, we mean their natural life span.   Euthanasia is a word tossed around freely, it's original intent was a requested mercy killing to end a hopelss life of suffering and uncontrollable pain.  Sadly, today shelters use the term Euthanasia as an excuse for population control and mass slaughter of animals.  We are holistic and know that only our Creator should have the ability to determine when a life is over.  While we can't say there wouldn't be a case for Euthanasia in some rare cases, we have not used this means to terminate an animal's life.  We treat them as we would a cherished member of a human family, giving them hospice care with full compliments of herbal & nutritional support.

Happy Tails Rescue can be there for your companion to provide them with everything that they need to continue their life without their best human friend.  You can legally make provisions for them in your will and other estate planning.   Best Friends Forever offers a meaningful way to provide for your compassion animals and may also help you with specific financial goals, or reducing or eliminating certain tax liability.

By enrolling in Best Friends Forever and making Planned Donation to Happy Tails Rescue, you can be confident that Happy Tails will provide for any of your surviving animals.  Consult with your attorney and CPA for specifics to consider.

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Contributions to Happy Tails Rescue are tax deductable and we'll be happy to send you a receipt by return mail.

   Donations?   Please help fill our bucket.  If everyone that visited our site and was moved by it or the stories of the Rotts, your spare change can literally help save lives.  Most people don't give because of a lack of generosity, but because they feel their gift is insufficient.  Every little drop of even $1.00 or $2.00  ( that's less than a large SODA)  is very important and would help fill and eventually over flow our bucket.

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Thank you for your support, it's greatly appreciated.

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