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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"  ~ Helen Keller

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Sweet, sweet Riley;    We already had someone waiting for a special girl like her, so Riley didn't even spend the night with us, it made her transfer so much easier on her.
Like most Rotties, Riley loves and protects kids!  When her owner retired to a mobile home that didn't allow BIG BLACK DOGS, Riley rejoined us briefly before moving
to a super home on large acreage, a lucky girl twice around.

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organic dog treats
Organic gourmet dog treats

WHAT'S  FOR DINNER,  hmmmmmmmmmm?

Dogs Love Organic Hemp and Coconut Oil too!

Natural Raw Healthy Pet Food Wysong


Chief Food Inspector For Happy Tails Rescue ~ Where Rotts Take Their Food Seriously!
Food and treats shown on our website are some of our favorites, and ones that our animals throughly enjoy!

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sojos - real food for dogs

Lots of rescued dogs eat lots and lots of food, tons of it literally.... especially if they arrived with nothing but bones protruding, dull, lifeless,matted coats.  They're often literally half starved and they didn't get that way overnight, it may have been weeks or months without sufficient food or water and these dogs are often are filthy.  Our immediate goal is to help them develop an appetite and start eating.  In a perfect world, we'd have nothing but time on our hands and devote it willingly to taking care of these dogs all day, providing individualized cuisine to suit each pooch....and while we can do that to a certain extent, it's not the same as living inside with THEIR permanent, caring family.   We humans need superior quality food & water too in order to have the energy to take care of them.  If we ate junk food, synthetic food, or food with empty calories we wouldn't have the energy to care for these guys.  They also need superior nutrition, not just the cheapest dog food at the supermarket, which is the worst equivalent of delivered through your window garbage.

sojos - real food for dogs

We wouldn't exist as a Non Profit rescue association if all Rottweiler owners were responsible, our doors would be closed and we could spend time with our dogs instead of picking up the broken and shattered lives abandoned by irresponsible owners.  These dogs are with us because their humans have failed them.

At any given time we have up to a few dozen or more rescued foster dogs to take care of and feed.  These guys will be with us UNTIL we find them their permanent home.   Some will spend the remainder of their natural lives with us for various reasons.   Maybe they were already older when they came to us, many had health conditions, some had owners who didn't understand them and thought those Rotti purrrrrrrs were really growls, others thought they were purrs and discovered that they really were growls.  We hope those numbers will diminish with better public awareness of adoption, more truly No-Kill-Shelters, or minimally conditions that encourage shelters to allow longer stays prior to killing perfectly healthy dogs.   Tragically, the large, black,  "fearsome"  Rotties are usually the first to go into the kill room.

It has been our experience that years of life can be added to Rottweilers, or any dog, just by providing the best possible natural food and natural care.  Our rescued Rotts are not leaving their eartlhy bodies until they are well into their teens.  If your dogs are dying younger, isn't it time to examine what is causing their early demise?

Solid Gold Barking At The Moon Grain Free Dog Food   Save $5 instantly when you spend $75 on Solid Gold pet products!   Solid Gold Barking At The Moon Grain Free Dog Food 33 pound bag.  The best grain free dog food availble.   Buy specialty dog food for dogs with problems digesting grains.   Dogs, like humans, can have gluten intolerance.   Gluten is a protein found in wheat and can cause a series of dog health problems.   Grain free dog foods can help provide the balanced canine nutrition without the allergic ingredients.   If your dog has food allergies, this is an amazing dog food formula.   This best dog food is also perfect for high performance dogs who need to be lean and muscular.

Ingredients Salmon Meal Beef Potatoes Potato Protein Canola Oil Tomato Pomace Natural Flavor Salmon Oil Choline Chloride Taurine Dried Chicory Root Parsley Flakes Pumpkin Meal Almond Oil Sesame Oil Yucca Schidigera Extract Thyme Blueberries Cranberries Carrots Broccoli Vitamin E Supplement Iron Proteinate Zinc Proteinate Copper Proteinate Ferrous Sulfate Zinc Sulfate Copper Sulfate Potassium Iodide Thiamine Mononitrate Manganese Proteinate Manganous Oxide Ascorbic Acid Vitamin A Supplement Biotin Calcium Panthothenate Manganese Sulfate Sodium Selenite Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Vitamin B12 Supplement Riboflavin Vitamin D Supplement Folic Acid. .

Solid Gold Wolf King Dog Food   Save $5 instantly when you spend $75 on Solid Gold pet products!  Solid Gold Wolf King Dog Food is ideal for the large breed dog and perfect dry dog food for the Great Dane, German Shepherd and other giant breeds requiring special dog food.  Ingredients; Bison Salmon Meal Brown Rice Millet Cracked Pearled Barley Rice Bran Canola Oil Tomato Pomace Flaxseed Natural Flavor Salmon Oil  (source of DHA)  Choline Chloride Taurine Dried Chicory Root Parsley Flakes Pumpkin Meal Almond Oil Sesame Oil Yucca Schidigera Extract Thyme Blueberries Carrots Broccoli Vitamin E Supplement Iron Proteinate Zinc Proteinate Copper Proteinate Ferrous Sulfate Zinc Sulfate Copper Sulfate Potassium Iodide Thiamine Mononitrate Manganese Proteinate Manganous Oxide Ascorbic Acid Vitamin A Supplement Biotin Calcium Panthothenate Manganese Sulfate Sodium Selenite Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Vitamin B12 Supplement Riboflavin Supplement Vitamin D3 Supplement Folic Acid.

Artemis Organic Treat  Please mom, I'd love to try some Organic Biscuits!nbsp; These don't have Soy or Wheat.   Certified Ground Organic Barley, Certified Organic Turkey, Chicken Fat, Certified Organic, Sweet Potatoes, Kelp, Certified Ground Organic Flaxseed, Rolled Oats, Natural Chicken Flavoring, 95% Green Tea Extract, Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols, Lecithin and Rosemary Extract.  These are some of the best cookies you can imagine, the Rotti kids LOVE them.  You can feel comfortable knowing that they're good enough for you to eat, all organic!  Doesn't your pooch deserve the best?

For convenience sake our rescued Rotties are fed mostly kibbles, but they do get a mixture of high quality kibble, we reject the low grade food or save it for an emergency, or since much of it is corn based, we find that the horses do like it!  We would prefer feeding all dogs, as nature intended a wide variety of nutrient rich foods. Those foods are all natural, grass fed, not GRAIN fed, and not super market  "meat"  that is loaded with antibiotics, steroids, synthetic juice enhancers, preservatives etc.  Dogs thrive on bison, venison, duck, chicken, salmon, turkey, brown rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, sun dried tomatoes, carrots, cooked potatoes, sweet potatoes, cooked pumpkin, beets, beet greens, turnips, parsnips, green beans and just about anything you eat that is good for you.   Given the choice, most dogs would choose a nutritional diet of nothing but.  B A R F !

Realistically, shouldn't a family with just one dog be able to do as least as well as a busy rescue with dozens of dogs?

Each rescued dog gets a treat first thing in the morning and another the last thing at night.  Sadly, this is more attention than many dogs living in homes get.  Our indoor pack gets a lot of attention.  Each dog is there, not because they are cherry picked for looks, but because they need extra care or attention.   As such, some share lunch with us, other's might have special attention or herbal tinctures on their dog cookies.  Each is an individual, whether inside with us or in the guest quarters and receives appropriate individualized attention.

B  A  R  F

B  A  R  F

B  A  R  F    B A R F    B A R F    B A R F    B A R F    B A R F    B A R F

HEAR YE, HEAR YE,  ALL Rotties of the world  have instructed me
to spread the word, that dogs LOVE

BARF:   stands for either  " biologically appropriate raw food "
" bones and raw food "


Talk with other  "BARFERS"  and formulate your own opinions, remember the caution against only having  " CONVENTIONAL WISDOM "

The mind is like a parachute, only good when open, so engage the mind, disengage  conventional wisdom and always THINK about  "Qui Bono" .

No matter how disguisting it might appear to us, the plain fact is that dogs are evolved from the wolf and wild dog family, they thrived by killing and scavenging things smaller than they were!  As repulsive as we might find it, from the smallest foo foo dog, to the stalwart male Rotti, all dogs existed off of meat.  DEAD OR ALIVE,  various herbs, grasses and berries as they could find them.   During their evolution wolves and wild dogs did not have access to cooked food, kibble, or a can opener, and by choice, wouldn't touch what we feed them today.    The B.A.R.F. diet, Bones And Raw Food, simulates the diet our canine companions enjoyed before the Industrial animal feed conglomerates invented dehydrated, ultra-processed, last-for-years-in-a-bag  'feed'.

You already know to  NEVER FEED YOUR DOG A COOKED BONE! Mom was right; a COOKED chicken bone could kill your dog.   Ironically, however, one of the best things to feed your dog is raw chicken, bones and all.  And here's why.  

Uncooked meat is tough but the bones are relatively soft.   Cooking tenderizes meat but makes bones hard and brittle.  We believe uncooked bones are safe.   In fact, your furry friend craves raw bones and raw meat to keep his teeth healthy  (without the silliness of doggie toothpaste),   keep his coat silky, and keep him free of parasites and allergies.

Canned mush,  "by-products"   ( ground up road kill, slaughtered shelter animals, downer cows, diseased chickens etc) ,  chemicals, steroids, hormones and perservatives found in grain-based pellets  (many of the designer foods are also compromised)  have absolutely nothing to do with what nature intended canines to eat.

The  "conventional wisdom"  (what was that about conventional wisdom on another page?)   that  'this is how dogs are fed'  has only been around 50 years or so.   Your grandma probably knew how to keep her dog healthy using table scraps and bones tossed in free by the neighborhood butcher.  Her dogs probably lived into their 20s too.   So how hard could it be to feed a dog in a healthy, natural style?

Did you realize that many vets promote the BARF diet?

* Dr. Ian Billinghurst  B.V.Sc. Veterinary Surgeon says,  "Sixty to eighty percent of a dog's diet should be raw meaty bones."  

* Dr. Tom Lonsdale B. Vet. Med. MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon says,  "Raw meaty bones, chicken wings, whole fish, rabbit or similar should form the bulk of the diet."  

* Dr. Richard Pitcairn DVM says,  "There is no better natural cleaner for teeth."

Below are five basic guidelines that holistic practitioners stress for optimal animal health, using preventative natural medicine and natural food for removing the cause of a disorder rather than merely suppressing the  "symptom"

1   Feed the best whole, raw, organic diet, which is as close to the animal's natural diet as possible  (no canned, processed or pelleted feeds).

2   Vaccinate as little as possible,   (we do NOT vaccinate)  if at all  (Some states and international quarantine laws require proof of Rabies vaccination.)  However there are exemptions for dogs with potentially compromised immune systems.

3   Provide the best possible environment for each particular animal.

4    Build up the overall health of the animal throughout its lifetime, rather than treating   (suppressing)  individual symptoms, discover the cause of the problem.

5   Understand the outcome of treatment and learn to take greater responsibility for the health of your animals, rather than surrending all your power to your veterinarian.  You are the consumer and employing a vet.  Hire wisely.


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Think of all the delicious, all natural, wholesome
raw or cooked food and treats you can quickly make
for your entire family including your pooch!

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Joe's Homemade Dog Food

"We make our own pet food using the Vita-Mix.   It sounds crazy, but it's less expensive
and we know we're feeding our dog and cats the best way we can.   They're healthy
and their coats look great!"  -  Joe B. Cleveland, Ohio

1 small apple, cut in quarters
2 T flaxseed
4 oz canned salmon or sardines with bones
2/3 cups cooked sweet potato with skin
4 asparagus spears, lightly steamed cut in half

Directions:   Place flaxseed and apple into the Vita-Mix container.   Secure 2 part lid.   Select Variable speed #1.   Turn on machine and quickly increase speed to #10; then to High for 15 sec.   Turn machine off.   Add salmon, potato, and asparagus.   Pulse on High until lightly mixed.

Serving size is for a 25-30lb dog, or a tiny Rotti pup.

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I guess it could be said that Happy Tails Rotts eat people food, or is it that Happy Tails Humans eat dog food?  In this dog oriented household it's really hard to tell the difference.  Same meat, same veggies and our indoor guys think that they are being abused if they don't get the same sauce that we have on our veggies or salad.  And NO, we don't buy chemical garbage salad dressings with the pretty labels, we make our own fresh, delcious, inepensive and convenient.  Nothing is faster than using a Vitamix, in just a couple of minutes we have incredible fresh, delcious goodies, smoothies, sauces and more, bursting with raw nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

This Vitamix Healthy Baby Food video is just one example of what you could do for your dog, saving time without having to cook the meat.  There isn't a downside, superior ingredients at a fraction of the cost.

Helpful Tips To Make Healthy Homemade Doggy or Kitty Food

  Why risk harmful synthetics when you can get gentle Homeopathic Parvo protection?

Parvo is a viral illness that hasn't been around all that long.  The only case of Parvo, we've ever had to work with was with helping an out of state Rott in a shelter.  This poor boy had been fully vaccinated, including the Parvo vaccine.  Parvo is very painful and that causes the animal not to eat or drink, the secret is keeping them hydrated.  The virus itself quickly passes and they are forever immune.  Parvo does not have to mean an expensive and traumatic vet stay and no, antibiotics are worthless against viruses.


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Is Your Vet Really Holistic Or Just Charging You More?

Each individual dog owner has to develop a set of questions to determine if a vet is a good match for them.   The way we tell if a vet promotes holistic medicine is in his or her recommendations:

A)  The vet will be opposed to processed foods and will recommend an unprocessed whole foods diet, not just something he gets a kick back on.

B)  The vet will be opposed to many conventional prescription drugs  ( which only suppress symptoms)  or surgery unless the condition is life-threatening. If the vet pushes vaccines, we find a net vet.  Actually, we would have done our research first before waiting until we needed a vet.

Dr Ian Billinghurst in his classic "Give Your Dog A Bone"  says  "Raw meaty bones can be fed to the very old, the very young, the very sick, in fact to any dog at any stage of life."   He goes on to say  "Raw chicken does of course carry bacteria,  E.g. - Salmonella.  Also Campylobacter jejuni.   These are of absolutely no consequence to a healthy dog.   However after handling raw chicken,  (and remember you do this all the time when you prepare a chicken meal for the family),  wash your hands before eating, and sterilize all utensils, implements and cutlery etc used in it's preparation."

Hey Mom, all the dogs in the neighborhood are talking about Monzies!  What about me?

If you're not familiar with these great morsels, you might wan to give them a try.  Dogs do know the difference between junk food, with empty nutrition and yummy, healthy snacks!  Canine Treat Recipe: Organic Rye Flour, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Molasses, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Sesame Seeds, Vegetable Broth, Garlic, Kelp, Baking Powder.


Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food, by 1. Ann N. Martin, Shawn Messonnier, Michael W. Fox  From Publishers Weekly.  Food Pets Die for:  Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann N. Martin was the first expos‚ of the shocking practices within the pet food manufacturing industry.   Since the book's publication in 1997, she has been calling attention to the dubious ingredients and methods employed by many firms.   And in this updated guide, Martin continues to put pressure on the big companies to find alternatives.   She suggests that if acceptable commercially prepared food is not available, food can be made at home using safe and human-quality ingredients, and she provides recipes and suggestions for supplements.  Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

In her book Food Pets Die For:Shocking Facts About Pet Food   Ann N. Martin explains that dead cats, dogs or other animals could be in your pet food.  Also possibly in the stew are zoo animals, road kill and many other ingredients unfit for human  (and we believe)  pet consumption.  And she points out that Sodium Pentobarbital, a barbiturate, is used to euthanize  ( slaughter)  companion animals and this chemical  "survived rendering without undergoing degradation".  Isn't it sad to learn our former companions were likely part of what we pay for at the supermarket and shocking to understand they are sickening our current companion animals.  If your dogs are dying of cancer before they are in their teens, giving a closer scutiny to what they eat, drink and take internally may add years to their lives.

Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn discusses in his  Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats  the digestibility of  'chicken feather meal'  commonly found in pet food.  Is there any wonder why there are so may animals with ailments and allergies? The B.A.R.F. diet is not only for animals with ailments, it's for all our animals' well being. If your dog is visiting the vet often, try a natural diet for a change.  If your pet is still young enough to be an apparently healthy animal, treat him or her to a diet they will thrive on. We believe the B.A.R.F. diet is Species Appropriate and it is impossible to feed your dog in any way better than what nature would have her eat herself if she was in the environment she evolved in.  However, if this diet isn't for you, please still investigate alternatives.

Ok, there are thousands of bacteria everywhere.  Dogs have an amazing immune system specifically designed to eat and destroy all manner of bacteria.  And a healthy raw fed dog manages those bacteria without a problem. E-coli, salmonella, etc are found on raw chicken  ( the same chicken YOU eat ),  but those nasties are also found in your fridge, in your sink, on your kitchen counter, on the walls, on your floor, in your backyard, in your car, on the footpath, down at the park, and perhaps in your bed! Interestingly, the only cases I have heard of dogs dying from e-coli or salmonella, were dogs fed commercial dog foods. 

A dog's stomach acid is exceptionally strong, and is designed to destroy these types of bacteria.  In addition, the intestinal tract of a dog is short, and is designed to move food quickly and efficiently through and out.  Raw meat is a dog's natural food.   A dog's mouth is not designed to chew ground, cooked, extruded kibble that is flavored and colored to please the human senses, and preserved for extended shelf life.

The most important thing is to wash your hands  thoroughly  after feeding your dogs, and even after cutting up meat for your own meals.  Our digestive systems are not quite as robust as our dogs, so we must protect ourselves. You can use a spray bottle containg white vinegar or a mixture of water/hydrogen peroxideto spray about when you need some disinfecting, or some essential oils, baking soda, lots of things.

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In just a few minutes you can prepare healthy, delicious
raw or cooked foods for your entire family, great dog food too!

Veggie Dog Treats

1/2 carrot
1/4 cup spinach or green beans, canned or steamed
1/8 cup water
1/8 cup olive oil
1/2 clove garlic
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup wheat germ
1/8 cup brewers yeast

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Place carrot, spinach, garlic, water and oil into container.   Select variable speed #1.   Turn on machine and quickly increase speed to #10, then to high for 40 seconds until smooth.   Turn machine off and remove lid.   Add flour, oats, germ, and yeast to wet mixture.   Select variable speed #1.   Turn on machine and quickly increase speed to #10, using the tamper to press ingredients into the blades.   Process just until dry ingredients are incorporated.   Turn machine off and remove lid.   Roll out dough on floured surface to 1/4-1/2 inch thickness.   Cut out treats using a cookie cutter.   Bake on greased cookie sheet for 15 minutes.

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Happy Tails pooches, kitties & humans drink lots of Certified Grade A Raw Goat Milk!  Goat Milk contains over 50 nutrients, including the vital vitamins of A, C, B1, B6, B12 and E, minerals, citric acid, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, and a variety of other nutrients that nourish and revitalize dehydrated, weathered, aged or damaged skin.    Vitamin A slows down the effects of aging, prevents brown spots and thickening of the skin, while Zinc contributes to the reconstruction of collagen fibers, encouraging moisture retention and assisting in maintaining your skin's elasticity.   Raw Goat Milk will literally help nourish your body with everything it needs from A to Z.  And in addition, there are enormous amounts of live, beneficial bacteria in raw goat milk that is not ruined and killed by pasturization.

Don't reject raw milk before you do your homework.  If you are looking for Certified Grade A Raw Goat Milk, we are NOT the source, but we can get the milk for you locally.  You can make a day of it and enjoy the drive to pick it up.   Sometimes folks get together and buy several gallons, goat milk freezes beautifully.

Our morning smoothies are always made with raw goat milk for health purposes and depending on availability, we blend with fruit or raw veggies, yogurt, Goji Berries, Cacao nibs, raw hemp seeds, flax seeds, and always with heaping tablespoons of organic Coconut Oil.....delicious!

THE MANY BENEFITS OF A RAW FOOD  (or partially raw)  DIET A natural raw diet has been shown in many cases to eliminate MANY dogfood-related problems such as:

* Problems with anal glands, skin, allergy or weight problems

* You are not feeding your dog the artificial preservatives and colors contained in many dog foods.

* The raw diet does not expand in the gut as dry kibble can, this fact alone could save a dog from an agonizingly painful death.

* Palatability is excellent.

* There are no rancid or questionable fats, anc certainly no chance of ground up dogs, cats, chicken or feathers!.

* Dogs who  "wolf"  their food SLOW DOWN.  One of our fastest eaters no longer gulps, but takes her time.

* Picky eaters SPEED UP.

* No doggy odour or bad breath

* Naturally cleans teeth - no need for toothbrushes, de-scaling jobs, or gum disease

* The time it takes for a dog to chew a raw meaty bones give their stomach adequate time to get the acids moving

* Much less stools produced  -  and they are firm, and turn chalky after a couple of days

* Decreased or non-existant vet bills (your dogs are healthier!) My dogs see a vet rarely.

* Less cost for dog food - commercial dog foods are ludicriously expensive

* Mirrors what a dog would be getting in the wild - and certainly even the modern day dog has a digestive tract exactly the same as a wolf

* Puppies develop at a more appropriate rate - and quick growth spurts are avoided.  A GOOD breeder will want to stop fast growth in any pup.

* The ripping and chewing involved in eating raw meaty bones develops the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles of the dog.  Commercial dog foods will never assist in this important muscle development

* Condition of dogs on a proper BARF diet is amazing.  Muscle mass, coat condition, energy levels, are all greatly improved on a raw diet.

* Dogs on a BARF diet do not require veterinary dental care, the bones take care of their teeth the way nature intended.  The chicken bones and the larger knuckle bones clean the teeth and stimulate the gums naturally.  

* It also seems that the dogs more relaxed and happier on this diet.  They get to spend a much larger amount of time processing with their jaws natural food items.  This obviously is very mentally satisfying to the dogs.

* Switch must be done gradually to avoid problems with toxin release.  As a dog is switched from a dog food diet to a natural diet, the body releases stored toxins that have built up over a long period of time.  The switch must be done very gradually so that the excretory systems can cope with this release. Some dogs adapt almost immediately, as if to say IT"S ABOUT TIME YOU FIGURED IT OUT! They literally love it at first bite. One particular girl of ours is a barrel chest girl and who could be prone to bloat, she gulps her kibbles, but with BARF, she slows down considerably, as though almost savoring her meal for a change.  Doesn't your dog deserve these little bit of life's pleasure?


Less convenient.  Meat must be found, purchased, and stored properly.  It must be thawed completely before use.  This requires more thought and time than opening a can or a bag.  Vegetables and fruits must also be included.  To be assimilated properly they should be in smaller pieces, chopped or juiced.  Traveling with this diet can be difficult, although it can be done.  Instead of frozen meat, it can be purchased daily wherever you are.  This is why I continue to feed a small amount of kibble.  If necessary, I CAN use the kibble. BEWARE,  however of the  "poor me, you don't REALLY love me"  looks your dog will give you if you don't have BARF.

Feeding any living creature including yourself, your family or your dog is about risk management.  No matter which path you decide to take there is always risk.  There is always someone who will criticise your decision, there are always  "third party influences" that knowmore.  However you, and only you can decide what is best for your dogs.  Weigh up all the benefits and risks.  Do your homework and own analysis. Exercise intellectual genius and critical thinking, do your own independent research.  Do what will have the greatest overall benefit for your dog.

While the BARF diet is not hard to prepare, it's not a walk in the park, either.  We know you're busy and would like to spend fre time your family and Rotti; not  'boning up'  on the latest in canine nutrition.  However, the rewards are well worth it, and assuming you're handling  "dead flesh" for your family, it's a great time to incorporate taking an extra few minutes for your dog.  Plus it's an excellent way to get rid of the UNCOOKED BONES and any other tidbits that you want them to have.  

We don't recommend feeding any liver or skin from any animal unless you KNOW what that animal has been eating.  The reason for this is the liver serves as a filter for blood and anything else within that animal and it stores any toxins or chemicals, so a tiny little chicken liver,   UNLESS IT'S ORGANIC   can be fairly potent stuff!  Because dogs evolved killing and scavenging, raw meat and bones are safe.

Some city dwellers might be shocked to see what Rotties find as delicacies when they live in a rural environment.  Ours will thoroughly enjoy unearthing and digging up bits and rather large pieces from a fresh kill they discovered somewhere, they often come charging around a corner proudly displaying and pulling or carrying back deer legs, beef skulls or other prizes.  They are also quick to share desserts with their city friends, by taking them into the horse corrals for some luscious, vitamin & mineral rich "recycled alfalfa!"  Hmmmmm, have never met a dog yet, who didn't thoroughly enjoy horse manure, it's high on the list of treats!

However, as we've emphasized  NEVER FEED YOUR DOG A COOKED BONE!  Uncooked meat is tough but the bones are relatively soft.    Cooking tenderizes meat but makes bones hard and brittle.  Please be aware, however, not everyone agrees with the BARF diet. There are some folks who are obviously well intentioned, informed regarding dog nutrition, and emphatic that this diet is unsound and unsafe.   We disagree.   We are also well intentioned, well informed and emphatic that this diet is sound and safe. Of course, nothing is perfectly safe. a dog may choke on a stick or get cancer unnaturally early.

The world is a still dangerous place, but thankfully less so for our domestic companions. Just to put things into perspective, when a wild dog kills his prey, he would eat the stomach contents first and some of the other  "prime portions",  then bury the carcass.   He would return to the kill for weeks, enjoying the aroma and taste of meat so rotten and full of bacteria that it would certainly kill a human being.  This same behavior is very common in dogs living the country life, you just never know what they'll dig up and proudly present to you as evidence of their great skill.  They will quite happily continue where they left off a few months previously on some nearly vaporized bit of  "meat" Some scientists have speculated that these festering bacteria actually improved the nutritional content of each meal, giving the dog a rich variety of bacterial cuisine!  

We purchase our chicken parts and bones from a wholesale butcher who delivers, the total cost is a fraction of the cost at a local supermarket.  Our dogs are eating human grade chicken backs, wings, necks and nice big beefy bones with hanging meat still on them. We also like to include fresh yogourt, various veggies such as pumpkin, lots of fresh garlic, which they totally adore, eggs and other varieties of fruit or veggies.  Most love bananas, tomatoes, oranges, avocados and more!

Keep in mind that vets are told very little about dog diet at university.   In fact, in some universities, reps from the dog food companies, come and do presentations on dog diet, as part of the curriculum.  Many vets get their education on dog diet by dog food reps. And many vets make a lot of money by retailing dog foods.   If you have a vet that doesn't want to be re-educated, or will not discuss options, then that is a very disapointing.

Here's hoping you can find a more forward thinking vet, who can appreciate the benefits and financial rewards associated with keeping animals healthy, rather than just trying to patch them up when they are sick.   Given this age of the internet, is there any acceptable excuse for vets not to be educated on all feeding options?   And there are plenty of vets on the internet who would gladly converse with other vets about feeding raw.   You found this page, why can't they?!!

That being said, there are plenty of vets out there now who realise that there are significantly better alternatives to commercial dog food.   Many vets who have changed their ways are very sorry that they did not  "see the light"  much earlier.   It's true they won't make kick backs from pharmaceutical prescriptions, and vaccinations, and perhaps their animals clients won't be visiting as often, BUT, they could become very informed and give classes on feeding, health alternatives and many other options to help make up the difference in lost income.

Feeding any living creature including yourself, your family or your dog is about risk management.  No matter which path you decide to take there is always risk.  There is always someone who will criticise your decision, there are always  "third party influences" that knowmore.  However you, and only you can decide what is best for your dogs.   Weigh up all the benefits and risks.   Do your homework and own analysis.  Exercise intellectual genius and critical thinking, do your own independent research.   Do what will have the greatest overall benefit for you, your dog's health.

   Your Dog Is Not a Vegetarian ~ by William Campbell Douglass II, MD
excerpted below, good article, read the full link.

This advice of mine directly contradicts not only everything you’ll hear down at your local PetSmart store  (or Petco, whatever) , but also what several mainstream books recently published in wide release have to say about canine and feline diets.   Believe me, though – I’m right and they’re wrong.

Today, there’s even more proof of this.   More information has surfaced about exactly WHY our precious pets are dying.   And as usual when it comes to nutrition – human or animal – one thing lies at the root of all the evil…...........

So they buy their pet-food on the advice of the  "experts"  at the local Petco or PetSmart, despite the fact that these stores are largely staffed by young, idealistic folks – many of whom buy into the vegetarian dogma hook, line and sinker.   The whole thing combines to become a snowball effect.

   Whats In A Can of Dog Food, Don't Ask ~ By Michelle Tsai

   Meat by product definition from Wikipedia

Meat by-products are ground, rendered, and cleaned slaughtered meat carcass parts such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, bones, heads, and intestines (and a small amount of feathers in the case of chicken meat).   The terms meat by-products or animal by-products are often used in reference to the ingredients included in commercial pet foods.

The official definition for meat by-products by the Association Of American Feed Control Officials, Inc.  (AAFCO)  is:

"The non-rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals.

It includes, but is not limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low temperature fatty tissue, and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents.   It does not include hair, horns, teeth and hoofs.   It shall be suitable for use in animal food.   If it bears name descriptive of its kind, it must correspond thereto."

In many cases, by-product meals are derived from    "4-D" meat sources -- defined as food animals that have been rejected for human consumption because they were presented to the meat packing plant as  " Dead, Dying, Diseased or Disabled. "     The quality of animal meat by-products also tends to be very inconsistent between batches.

Meat by-products are commonly found in lower-grade pet foods and even many of the larger name brands, including Science Diet  (even their prescription diet product line), Purina  (both Purina One and Purina Pro Plan), and Iams / Eukanuba.     Ingredients listed as "meat, beef, chicken, and/or poultry by-products" on pet food labels are not required to include actual meat,   and    "rendered meat"    on labels can refer to any rendered mammal meat, including dogs and cats.

A new category of pet food typically marketed as holistic, wellness, organic, ultra healthy, and/or simply premium pet food often emphasizes the use of human-grade meat sources only, with no animal meat by-products of any kind.  NOTE:   The MEAT can be pumped full of steroids, antibiotics, hormones, it's natural meat, no one said organic.  Buyers must read everything carefully.

But pet-food companies manipulate the order of the list such that meat  (and meat byproducts)  appear first, even when other ingredients are used in larger quantities.   For instance, a can of cat food may list wheat flour and ground wheat as two ingredients; that way it seems like there's more meat than grain in the recipe.

   The Holistic Dog...which foods to avoid   Site dedicated to information humans which foods their dogs should avoid, we agree with most, but not all of them.  Good time to get familiar with your own research.

   The Pet Food List

HEY, these are the good guys that truly care about the quality of their ingredients, the reputation of their business and the health of your animals.   Do you really believe the other companies don't know whay they're putting into the food?   Do you know the difference between regular bananas priced at 49 cents a pound versus organic bananas priced at 89 cents a pound?   If we know that we get what we pay for, isn't it reasonable that large corporations also get what they pay for?

ABOUT THE PET FOOD LIST..The majority of the companies on this list have made statements that their pet food is NOT affected by recalls which began on March 16, 2007 with the Menu Foods recalls.

The list is intended as a starting point for your own research - it is a list we are compiling of pet foods deemed safe by the pet food companies themselves.   It is neither an endorsement of any pet foods listed, nor is it a complete list of all pet foods not being recalled.   And, even though a brand is listed, we cannot guarantee the food is safe.   Therefore, it is your responsibility to verify the safety of the brand you're interested in with the pet food company and/or the FDA.   Links to their websites have been provided when possible.


The majority of this list is pet foods that have NOT been recalled since the start of the pet food recalls on March 16, 2007.   However, because of the many emails we've had asking why recalled foods are not on the list we will now list those brand names as well. Pet foods that have had recalls are are in  RED  along with a notation indicating they have recalled products.   Please contact the companies directly to find out which products are safe and which ones have been recalled.   The majority of the list is comprised of pet foods that have not been recalled, with information provided by the pet food companies. For those with just the business name listed, we have obtained information from their websites.   We will be contacting them for further information and will update the list appropriately as soon as possible.

   Tell Iams That You Won't Buy While Animals Die!

In the wake of a massive recall of contaminated and deadly dog and cat food, Menu Foods and Iams are under fire for their cruel and unnecessary laboratory tests on animals.   PETA is calling on law enforcement authorities to investigate whether cruelty-to-animals charges should be filed against the companies for alleged failure to warn consumers about the tainted food as soon as they had the information and—just as disturbingly—apparently feeding the tainted food to cats and dogs in order to test it.

For nearly 10 months in 2002 and early 2003, a PETA investigator went undercover at an Iams contract testing laboratory and discovered a dark and sordid secret beneath the wholesome image of the dog- and cat-food manufacturer.   Undercover footage captured images of dogs gone crazy from intense confinement to barren steel cages and cement cells, dogs left piled on a filthy paint-chipped floor after having chunks of muscle hacked from their thighs, dogs surgically debarked, and horribly sick dogs and cats languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer with no veterinary care.   In addition to the pain that these animals experienced in the course of experiments, animals in Iams labs were denied companionship and enrichment and were confined to their barren cages for at least 23 ½ hours every day.

Just when you thought you had heard or read everything there was about the poison pet food and the hundreds of dog & cat food recalls, there is more and this it may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Could there ever be any more compelling reason to go natural & organic, shopping locally from locally produced natural foods, both for you and your critters?

As a large rescue we've been thankful to be included in all of the food recall lists.  However, life has shown that when everyone thinks the same thing, such as the culprit behind the cause of this recall, it's time to question if anyone is actually thinking at all.   Our research indicates that this may be just a political ploy of the US to point the finger at China, since they are the unfortunate holders of over 80 trillion dollars in non performing debt by the USA.

And what about the genetically modified foods that are allowed in the human grade and pet grade food chain right here in the USA.   What about the recent twenty million chickens that ate the same thing that killed thousands of dogs and cats, were held by the USDA and then declared safe for we human guinea pigs to eat.?    What about the FDA approval to eat cloned meat, withour any label requirements?   In our GMO wheat, corn, soy & rice we have everything from fish to human genes.  These Frankenfoods have been shown to cause liver & kidney damage.   Spend a few hours researching what the rest of the world thinks of GMO and why it's banned in more civilized, less profit oriented countries. Perhaps the truly devastating effects are just beginning to manifest.

On the other hand, what dog hasn't eaten his share of plastic hoses, bottles, counter tops & even Igloos, without harmful side effects?   Why do they go to extreme measures to deceive the consumer?   Is there more to this picture than meets the eye, and it appears that everyone is a parrot rather than a thinker.

Hold onto your hats for this article, we feel she is dead on accurate with her conclusions.  Here are some excerpts written by Nancy Levant, a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture.   She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female  (and her dreadful timing).   She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System.   She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality.   Suffice to say she is anything but politically correct and has much to say, far different from mainstream media one-size-fits-all-minds-news.  See what you think.

   The Poisoned Pet Food Caper  ~   Nancy Levant, May 1, 2007

The poisoning of pet food, as a stand-alone event, could reasonably be assumed. Such a mistake could happen and by terrible accident.   But the problem is that pets, and their extraordinary numbers in American hearts and households, Couple this with the fact that “ experimentation " upon the American people, soldiers, inmates, and people in many, many other nations of the “over-populated world” is common place, on-going, and a corporation government status quo.

So, suddenly, pet food comes up contaminated – probably those darned Red Chinese – and probably trying to  "hurt"  the American people.   Yeah…and I’ve got some  Biosphere Wetland  to sell you with a big chunk of its conservation corridor  to boot.  Let us remember that experimentation upon multi-billions of animals continues unabated for corporate profits, and that such experimentation precedes the now  "forced"  delivery of our pharmaceuticals and genetically modified food supplies.   And let us also remember that billions of animals have been euthanized by that compassionate governmental agency – the  "Humane"  Society  – and simply because they were caught, trapped, had naturally re-wilded, were just walking down the sidewalk, or born feral or free from human domestication.   Don’t you just love these agencies of compassion and  "nature?"   Don’t you just love governmental agencies that are funded to kill?

And now, we are dealing with veterinarians who:

1)  chip our pets
2)  force vaccine drugs into our pets
3) slice off the tips of ears of sterilized pets
4)  and bully pet owners into mass sterilization of all pets – minus, of course, the "thoroughbred" pets of the wealthy or law "enforcement."

Wow.   Depopulation trends overlap – human to the disabled to pets – minus, of course, the rich, elite and their friends.  Think Katrina.   And then to the red flag heap, we add the environmentalist nature Reich, who believes that pet  "ownership"  is evil – in spite of the fact that animal lovers tend to care faithfully for God’s creatures.

Head’s up, folks.   There’s more in the making each and every day, and your pets are equally vulnerable to synchronized missions in play.   Depopulation has been mandated.   "Pets"    (has there ever been a more offensive word?  HTRA)   are put down to the tune of multi-millions each and every year, decade after decade and billions in total, and under the  (dis)guise of compassion, and laws have been enacted nationwide  (not voted upon)  that disallow "pets" to even go outside.   There’s more to this picture than meets the tell-a-visioned eye.  Be very aware of breed specific or mandatory spay & netur laws that sound good at first, but dig beneath the surface and realize the potential for abuse.

There seems to be thousands of books about every aspect of dogs that anyone could imagine, we've chosen some of our favorites about various training techniques, agility, tracking, learning to bond, silly dog tricks and lots more and made them available to you.   These are grouped on a separate page where you can easily purchase them if you find them interesting.  Buying from our link will not cost you a penny extra and Happy Tails will earn a few cents from each purchase which helps support our rescue efforts.  In fact, I guess you could say that we've saved some of your time by doing the searching and picking some of our favorites that should have a broad appeal.  At least we give them a PAWS UP!   Or you can easily search on your own.  Enjoy your reading!

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