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Angel Sponsor Challenge Is Back!

Happy Tails Rescue just received a pledge from our Angel sponsor who, remaining anonymous, will match donations to Happy Tails Rescue
( up to $1,500 )  made between now & November 30, 2010!

We know it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet, but even small donations make a meaningful difference to our rescue efforts and this opportunity essentially doubles your giving power, thanks to this anonymous donor!

Contributions will be reserved exclusively for dog food, we're entering into fall and winter without any reserve and insufficient food donations.  These Big Black Pooches go through about 100-150 lbs daily, 365 days a year!

If you stumble across any generous souls needing a year's end write off we would be most grateful if you would please send them our way.   We accept checks or credit cards.
      Donate Online

Personalize With Your Photos Too!

Make personalized Rottweiler postage as a great gift at Zazzle.

Thanks for your interest in our newsletter with a holistic perspective for your and your 4 legged companions.  We encourage you to share with your family and friends.  There is no charge for our newsletters or any of the other information.

As a Non Profit Charity we rely on donations of all sizes, large and small.  Any purchases you make from our selected vendors, the same vendors we use, will also help support our rescue efforts.  We truly appreciate your help!

So What About Coconut Oil?

Coconut  ~  ( Cocos nucifera )   is healthy for you, your animals, your hair, your body, your heart and your tummy!   It is the primary healthy cooking oil used in Ayurvedic and many other traditions.

There are all grades of Coconut oil, everything from industrial, highly processed and refined to Organic virgin Coconut oil that is grown on sustainable farms committed to the environment and the quality of their product.   This is the only type that we use. And we use it for everything!

It's super as a healthy cooking oil, on our hair, in our goat milk smoothies and our dogs love to lick it off the spoon... It's delicious and healthy.    Coconut oil is also known to promote beautiful, smooth, well nourished looking skin.

Real Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is taken directly from the meat of a fresh, organic coconut, and since it is unrefined, it enjoys potent antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which makes it appealing for so many other applications including head lice.

Coconut oil is a solid white oil that will melt to the touch.  True coconut oil becomes a liquid at 76 degrees and is semi-liquid at room temperature.   So don't be alarmed if you see your coconut oil change consistency and texture, everything from solid to liquid.  That is just natural.

For thousands of years healthy, natural foods such as meat, milk, eggs and oils were considered a vital part of any healthy diet, and I'm sure you've seen or met very old farmers alive today that won't touch anything artificial.

Coconut oil was the main cooking oil used in many parts of the world, including the Americas, it had always been used in cooking, baking, skin care and was the only oil that could withstand high cooking temperatures without being damaged.

During World War II, the Coconut oil supply to the US was cut off.

Health Benefits Of Coconut oil

*   withstands high cooking temperatures
*   does not go rancid
*   does not require refrigeration
*   supports balanced healthy cholesterol levels
*   supports heart health
*   good for teeth, hair and skin
*   anti viral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties
*   considered one of the best cancer fighting foods
*   increases the metabolism to support weight loss

Damage Already Done

After the war was over the Corporate Junk Food Giants had already bought the consumers opinion convincing them that the new processed, polyunsaturated fats were good health choices and that the old saturated fats were bad.

Ignoring science and health all in the name of a healthy bottom line!  Gosh, just like today!

Coconut oil didn't have a chance since Coconuts come from poorer nations that couldn't begin to compete against the Corporate Giants and so the anti-Coconut oil myths continue today.

We humans have eaten saturated fats since ancient times, times when we didn't suffer from degenerative diseases caused by processed, hydrogenated oils.  Isn't it time to reclaim your health with natural healthy foods?

If you enjoy healthy natural foods, consider trying Nutiva's cold pressed, organic extra-virgin coconut oil   It's our favorite! Coconut oil blends beautifully with your other favorite ingredients in rich, healthy smoothie or a luscious HempShake  for double health benefits!

Personally I enjoy adding raw goat milk and Hemp seeds to that HempShake!


1.   Protects farm workers
2.   Helps small and local growers
3.   Respects the ecosystem's balance
4.      Preserves air & water quality
5.   Prevents soil erosion
6.   Saves energy
7.   Promotes biodiversity
8.   Most importantly--protects future generations!

With Organics you can nurture the earth, as you nurture your body!

Poop Power?

According to the    San Francisco Chronicle,  "American dogs and cats create 10 million tons of waste a year, and no one knows where it's going."

Will Brinton, a scientist in Mount Vernon, Maine, and one of the world's leading authorities on waste reduction and composting, was quoted as saying.   "Most of our pets' poop either winds up in a landfill purgatory, where it's embalmed practically forever in plastic bags, or sits on the ground until the next rainstorm washes it into the sewer where it can drift on down to rivers and beaches."

And so San Francisco has become the first city in the country to consider turning Fido's droppings into methane, which can heat homes, cook meals and generate electricity. "Poop power?   Yes, it's possible to produce electricity, natural gas and even fuel from Rover's poop and other waste material,"

By the way Happy Tails composts and considers it a valuable resource for pastures.  Our compost temps far exceed 150 degrees which kills all pathogens.

Green Dog Cleaning Company  of Portland, Oregon is an innovative, energetic new Pet Waste Professionals company that offers a variety of services at very reasonable prices that include scooping your poop and turning it into compost!

They were even the focus of an article   in Oregon Live  With dogs in the city, doesn't it make more sense to compost rather than to enshrine poop in plastic bags that are not biodegradable?  Don't we need to become more creative with our disposal methods?  We always wonder where   "away"  is when we talk about throwing  "away.."

United States Dept of agricultural

National Resources Conservation Services releases   Dog Waste Composting Guide  The average dog can produce 274 pounds of waste each year.  Composting dog waste is a simple and inexpensive method for disposing of dog waste that can enhance the environment.  This guide will show you how. USDA Alaska Dog waste is a safe soil additive for revegetation and landscaping when composted properly.

What is Composting?

"Composting is the controlled breakdown or degradation of organic material into a product known as humus.   Dog waste composting is a natural process that requires air, water, organic matter, microbes and a little human intervention."

"REMEMBER:   It takes at least 10 dogs, preferably 20, to generate enough waste to maintain a bin.

A large pile (3 to 5 foot cube) is needed to provide insulation and keep temperatures high in the piles' center.   For fewer dogs you can keep a separate compost bin for dog waste and add grass clippings or other nitrogen sources to increase the volume.   Treat the finished compost as you would other composted dog manure."

Happy Tails uses 4 pallets to contain the material, we rarely have to cover it because it gets hot enough without a cover.  No odor, no flies, no mice etc.

Best way to collect is to add a carbon source  (sawdust, chopped straw, bedding)  to the dog waste as you collect it and mix it after being placed into your bin.  There won't be any composting until water is added.  Choose your location and bin, gather your materials and never use those non disposable plastic bags again!


For every two shovels full of dog waste, add one shovel full of sawdust or other carbon source and mix thoroughly after each addition.

Add water in small amounts until the compost mixture is as moist as a wrung out sponge.   Continue adding ingredients until the compost is two to three feet deep.

Once a bin is full, do not continue adding fresh materials.  You may be surprised how quickly the contents seems to shrink, we rarely fill our 4 x 4 area.

Place a cover on the compost mixture.   Microbes will begin breaking down the organic materials.   As the microbes go to work, they release heat and increase the temperature of the compost pile.

Mature compost has a dark rich earthy color, it's moist, crumbly, and truly has a pleasant earthy odor.

Pet Waste According To King County

"Pet wastes should not be composted along with yard waste, in worm bins or in vegetable garden beds.   Burying pet wastes in ornamental garden beds is acceptable and a simple method for dealing with pet waste.  In King County, it also is acceptable to wrap and dispose of pet waste in the garbage."

"To bury pet waste:   Dig a hole about one foot deep.   Put three to four inches of pet waste at the bottom of the hole, and use a shovel to chop and mix the wastes into the soil at the bottom.  Cover the waste with at least eight inches of soil to keep rodents and pets from digging it up."

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on our
  Happy Tails Rescue Blog

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Adoptions are by appointment only and after you've been approved for adoption. For protection of the Rottweilers, our sanity and in order to minimize stressful or territorial reactions, all adoption appointments & surrenders are done at our office, or other neutral territory.  Your other indoor dogs are also invited to attend & participate in the selection of your new family member!  Unannounced visitors are not appreciated and will not be accommodated.

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