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We're Thankful!

Happy Tails is entering into the fall season with a suppy of premium dog food and treats.  Not enough to get us through the winter, but better than we've been in years!  It's cost us thousands of miles to pick up that food, but it's worth it!  Happy Tails is also entering into the long, cold winter season without an Angel Sponser to match contributions and with an overall record low level of donations.

Although our primary need at this time is monetary, we have a long list of other items that would help facilitate our rescur efforts.  A spare SUV sitting in your driveway?  Send it our way, the tax deduction may make it beneficial for you.  Our Happy Tails Suburban is coming up on 260,000 hard, rough miles and while the engine runs, the rest shows it's age, the 4 x 4 system is shot which will hurt our winter dog food gathering ability.  The economy sucks for everyone, but if you're able to make a contribution, it would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Tails is rural, off the beaten track and that drives our creative efforts for fund raising, hence the Newsletters and websites.  Every purchase you make earns Happy Tails a small percentage and those can add up over time.  And it doesn't cost you a penny extra to be generous.

If you're a Chocolate Lover, who isn't?  We hope that you'll enjoy our recently launched website  International Chocolate Bar Association  It's full of fun Chocolate facts, Chocolate legends, myths, recipes and features dozens of incredibly delcious Chocolate opportunities.  The site is new and just getting started.  It will feature the medicinal benefits of Cacao, the political history and even offers opportunity for a  Chocolate University!

While Doggies can't enjoy Chocolate because it's toxic to them, their humans do and, again, every purchase helps support our rescue efforts.

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A Day In The Life Of Happy Tails Rescue

So what about dogs fighting?  Your precious babies ripping each other apart?  Remember in the dog's world 3 is a pack, and you better be the one in charge.  That doesn't mean macho in charge, it means intelligently in charge and knowing what you will do before you're in that situation.  Thankfully most dog fights are normally a lot of noisy slobbering and the dogs are easily distracted and go back to being friends again.  In a situation like this throwing some balls in several different directions can work, walking away can reduce the human factor and almost immediately stop the squabble.  Even giving them a command can work, or something that they normally automatically respond to, like WANNA GO FOR A RIDE?

There isn't a nice, neat flow chart of how to break up a serious dog fight.  Too many possible scenarios, much will depend on if there are two people around to handle two dogs, how strong the humans are, whether they've discussed how they will handle the situation and what size your dogs are, if you're in public, at home, on the street etc.  A lot of variables.

Some of the most critical things to remember are:

     *   You will NOT panic, scream, cry, shout, race around inflaming the fight, it's like throwing gas on a fire.
     *   You will not even dream of putting your hands in the middle of biting dogs.
     *   You will NOT touch the dog, because they may swing and bite at you, thinking you're another dog attacking them.
     *   In heated fights they bite first, take no prisoners and ask no questions.
     *   You will take the few extra seconds to evaluate the scenario, make your best decision, then do it, this isn't the time to hesitate.
     *   Remember the object is to separate the two dogs, normally 1 is biting and the other is being bitten.
     *   Remember that the one being bitten will often reverse the roles if only the biting dog is restrained.
     *   Both animals must be separated and under your control.
     *   If you have more than 2 dogs in the area, the rules change.
     *   All dogs in the area could become involved causing serious injury or death to 1 or more dogs.
     *   In this case, get the non fighting ones out of the area immediately.  Then deal with the fighters & biters.

Our experience is based on decades of paws on with hundreds of abused, traumatized, abandoned, neglected and otherwise potentially cranky Rottweilers and we've always managed to resist the temptation to put our hands, or other important body parts, in the way of those powerful jaws and very sharp teeth.  Try to break up a dog fight using your hands and it will be miracle that you aren't bitten in the process.  We have never failed in being able to break up every fight, have never had a life threatening injury and do everything possible to minimize the potential of fights, but dogs will be dogs, accidents happen and people do make mistakes.

If your fighters are small or medium size dogs, it's pretty easy for each person to place themselves near the rear legs of the dogs.  On the count of 1 - 2 - 3, each person grabs those rear legs and begin to wheel barrow, walking the dogs apart in opposite directions.  Don't let go of those legs until you can separate the dogs with fences, one in the house or car or hooked to something.  If you let go of one dog, he will likely launch himself onto the other one being restrained.

If you're not comfortable enough to grab those hind legs, then loop a leash around them, pull it tight and walk, drag them apart.  They will be distracted by what's happening and will release their grip.  Grabbing the hind legs of a large dog will put your face dangerously close to his when he swings around to see what's happening.  The looped leash around the legs can work.  If you're alone, loop the one being bitten and attach him to a fence or tree, then go for the biter, loop, pull them apart and attach him to something.  Breaking up a fight by yourself is not fun.

We've used the pulling the rear legs method if a fight erupts while in a car, just pull those rear legs on out and the rest of the dog comes too.

Our favorite method, if there is such a thing, is to reach in behind the dog's neck, palms up reach under the back of their collar, twist so that your palm is now down, lift the collar until the weight is off those front feet.  Within a few seconds their air is being cut off and they will release the bite.  This also works with the looped leash through the leash handle.  It could injure the dog if you're using a choke chain, but then hopefully you aren't and don't even get me started on those lazy-dog-owner-spiked-collars-that-are-a-pathetic-excuse-for-not-training-your-dog.

Now that they're separated, get them away from each other, allow them to cool down before you go probing for injuries.  There may be a puncture wound or two which can easily be dealt with.  Some dogs will be hyper sensitive and NOT want you touching them for a bit.  Unless there is serious injury, give them some spasce.

Two huge Rottweilers on their hind legs, going at each other with a lot of flinging slobber, horrible noises and looking like they're killing each other generally isn't a dog fight.  It's more like two kids yelling at each other.  They are easily distracted and don't mean business.

May you never need to learn first hand how to break up a serious fight with your dog or any strange dog, but hopefully what has worked for us, will give you a good basis for further research to fit your personal circumstances.

Toxic For Golf Courses But Not Your Food??

The U.S. government has acknowledged that toxic chemicals in our environment are harming our health, yet many of these chemicals remain unregulated. And unfortunately, even when the government bans a chemical, the law is usually filled with so many loopholes that the ban is not worth much more than the paper it's printed on.  One example is a highly toxic chemical called methyl bromide.  It's a pesticide, fungicide and herbicide used primarily to fumigate crops and for landscaping. After decades of excessive use, it finally came to light that methyl bromide rapidly depletes the ozone layer and is toxic to humans and animals.  Exposure to methyl bromide is known to cause reproductive harm and at higher levels can cause skin irritation, blurred vision, slurred speech, dizziness, vomiting and abdominal pain.  We can thank our good USDA Friends For recently approving this toxin in California strawberries.

Monsanto and Bayer Face Tribunals For Continues Human Rights Violations

Horrific Birth Defects From Tomato Pesticides

Monsanto Glyphosate Birth Defects

Weedkillers Kill Honey Bees

Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo May Poison Your Baby

Mereck vs Monsanto For 1st Place

13 Year Old In Coma After HPV Vaccine

1918 Influenza Caused By Vaccines

Michael Pollan Says Vote With Your Fork

Every five years, we have the chance to influence the way our food is produced, our land is conserved, and our health is protected.  The legislation that addresses these issues is known as the Farm Bill, and in 2012, it's up for renewal.  "It isn't really a bill just for farmers,"   says food journalist Michael Pollan, in this video from Nourish Short Films.  "It really should be called the food bill because it is the rules for the food system we all eat by."

Subsidies Underwrite The Obesity Epidemic

Our tax dollars should only go to things that serve the public good, yet we're handing out taxpayer subsidies to big agribusinesses to help subsidize junk food.  Huge, profitable corporations like Cargill and Monsanto are   pocketing tens of billions in taxpayer dollars,  and turning subsidized crops into junk food ingredients,including high fructose corn syrup.  These taxpayer giveaways are all the more absurd at a time when    one in three kids is overweight or obese,  and obesity related diseases like diabetes are turning into an epidemic.

With Congress looking at ways to trim spending and reduce the deficit, cutting this kind of wasteful spending has the potential to bring together allies from across the political spectrum.  But big agribusiness will fight to protect their billions in subsidies.  We know, because in 2008, they spent $200 million lobbying and campaign contributions.

No one in Congress wants to be seen standing up for taxpayer giveaways to junk food, and with public concern about obesity and federal spending at all time highs, your support can help us finally beat Big Ag and end subsidies for junk food.

Happy Tails notes:    It isn't just young children waddling around engulfed in rolls of fat.  As a consumer we have more power over any law, any subsidy or any corrupt politician with his hand out to take those billions in contributions.  Junk food is popular becaue you buy it!  Stop swallowing their FALSE FOOD garbage and your health will improve and their bottom line will suffer.  We always vote with every dollar that we spend.

Apples To Twinkies

The rise in childhood obesity has many causes, but one of the most important is the increased prevalence of high fat, heavily sweetened junk food.  And shockingly, American taxpayers are spending billions to subsidize junk food ingredients, making the problem worse.  Between 1995 and 2010, American taxpayers spent over $260 billion in agricultural subsidies.   Most subsidies went to the country's largest farming operations, mainly to grow just a few commodity crops, including corn and soybeans  (GMO).   While dairy and livestock production also receive some federal support, it is these commodity crops that get the lion's share of the subsidies.  Most of these commodity crops are not simply eaten as is.  Among other uses, food manufacturers process them into additives like high fructose corn syrup and   vegetable oils  that provide a cheap dose of sweetness and fat to a wide variety of junk food products.  Thus, Americans tax dollars are directly subsidizing junk food ingredients.

Between 1995 and 2010, $16.9 billion in tax dollars subsidized four common food additives, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, and   soy oils   (which are frequently processed further into hydrogenated vegetable oils).  Outside of commodity crops, other agricultural products receive very little in federal subsidies.

Since 1995, taxpayers spent only $262 million subsidizing apples, which is the only significant federal subsidy of fresh fruits or vegetables.  If these agricultural subsidies went directly to consumers to allow them to purchase food, each of America's 144 million taxpayers would be given $7.36 to spend on junk food and 11 cents with which to buy apples each year, enough to buy 19 Twinkies but less than a quarter of one Red Delicious apple apiece.

The fact that so many tax dollars are being wasted on junk food demonstrates the need to reform national agricultural subsidies and end this wasteful spending.

  FDA Concedes Raw Milk Across State Lines OK for Personal Consumption

Washington, DC..In a statement issued on November 1, concurrent with a raw milk freedom rally held outside FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, the agency conceded that it  "has never taken, nor does it intend to take, enforcement action against an individual who purchased and transported raw milk across state lines solely for his or her own personal consumption."   This statement reverses FDA's prior position in which the agency reserved the option of taking action against individual consumers crossing state lines with raw milk.   Federal regulation prohibits the introduction of raw milk for human consumption into interstate commerce.

A caravan of moms brought raw milk across state lines on November 1 and served it to rally participants in front of FDA headquarters.  "Unfortunately, FDA's announcement allowing individuals to transport raw milk across state lines is filled with the same misinformation that the agency has spread in the past,"   says Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, an organization that sponsors A Campaign for Real Milk, aimed at universal access to clean raw milk.

"FDA continues to insist that raw milk is dangerous, when even the agency's own exaggerated list of outbreaks shows that  raw milk   is safer than other foods."

"FDA lists outbreaks associated with raw cheese, produced in less than sanitary conditions, as outbreaks caused by raw milk, thereby inflating the number of illnesses associated with raw milk," says Fallon Morell.  "The actual number of illnesses associated  (but not necessarily proved)  with raw milk is about forty two per year, which makes raw milk a very safe food given the large number of raw milk consumers.  No deaths have been associated with raw milk during the past twelve years, but three people have died from tainted pasteurized milk."

Happy Tails Note:  We have drunk raw goat milk daily for many years and do so because of the enormous health benefits associated with goat rather than cow and with raw rather than chenmically treated, or pasteurized, milk.  You will be horrifed to learn what dairy cows and beef are fed in the US.  Read more here

Toxic Sludge Is Good For You>

What Is Bovine Growth Hormone?

Tell Your Grocer You Don't Want Cloned Food

Do Mobile Phones Really Cause Cancer?

Brain Cancer Links

French To Ban Mobile Phones In Schools

QBC Phone Balancer

EMF Protection

Welcome to Meat Glue, a covert and common additive to meat products.   Meat Glue is an interesting, if not repulsive, creature.  While not a registered product of Mary Shelley, royalties may be due.  You might have never thought of resurrecting a hamburger back into steak, but somebody else has, and Activa  (transglutaminase)  is the enzymatic force of galvanism behind the ritual.  Forming covalent bonds between scraps of food, they are so effectively fused together that even professional chefs and gastronomes are typically unable to distinguish veritable sausage from filet mignon once reanimated by this strange product.  Is it in US products?  Oh you bet it is!

Vegetarians might be laughing; but not so fast.  Activa is not limited to meat products.  And with USDA and culinary SWAT teams raiding local sources of independent and honest food production, austerity measures seem destined for our pantries too.   Local food production is the answer, but it's not without formidable opposition.

Safeguard Organic Standards Alert: Keep Synthetic Additives and Factory Farms Out of Organic Production
Did you know that our USDA buddies, who love Monsanto and GMO more than Organic, currently allow almost 300 synthetic ingredients in the growing, processing, or end product of their impressivve USDA Certified Organic Label?  Antibiotics are in Organic apples and their big push is to get Organic consumers to be more reasonable and allow  GMO  in Organic certifications?

FDA Destroying Real American Food

77 Elephants Trashing Your Living Room

Health Department Tyrants Raid Local Farm to Fork Picnic Dinner


The Farm Bill includes many important hunger prevention and environmental conservation programs, but it is also packed with corporate welfare schemes that support filthy factory farms and pesticide-drenched genetically modified crops.  The Farm Bill is why junk food is cheap and consumers have to pay a premium for organic.  It's why obesity, diet related disease and health care costs are skyrocketing.  It's why food production is responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions and farm run off is fouling drinking water and creating dead zones in the ocean.

The current Farm Bill is set to expire and be re-written in 2012.   We have an opportunity now to press Congress to cut farm subsidies to anyone with an average income over $1 million and enact agriculture reforms that would create jobs, clean up the environment, strengthen sustainable local food systems and make healthy food available to everyone.  That is, if the budget slashing Super Committee doesn't high jack the process and write a Secret Farm Bill to protect the interests of companies like Monsanto, Cargill, and ADM.

In 2008, 180 countries declared that their citizens have a fundamental right to food.  Only one country voted against this rudimentary right.  Can you guess which country that was?

How can the proclaimed land of the free and home of the brave justify such a mean spirited decision?  And is it in the best interests of their citizens or in the best interests of someone else?

Instead the United States made it's intentions perfectly clear and voted against the right to food for it's citizens.  There is no right to food in the USA, nor is there any right to food legislation pending.  Pretty simple isn't it?

I'm wondering if the USA's refusal to participate in The Universal Declarion of Human Rights provoked the growing grassroots right to food movement and the real food revolution?  Is the  war on food   just beginning to heat up?

Physician & CDC Statistics Predict 100,000 Excess US Deaths Post Fukushima

March 13 - Sept 3, 2011, Beta radiation levels averages for 129 US cities from 2010 to 2011, to monitor radiation increases since Fukushima.  Radiation increased in all 129 US Cities Averaged 5 x higher than previous level:

Highest Measurements Of 129 Cities:

   *  Yreka highest in the US 53.05 x increase (huge rainfall)
   *  Honolulu 23.9 x
   *  Tucson 18.2 x higher
   *  Salt Lake 16.77 x higher
   *  San Diego 11.42 x higher

Other cities with highest radiation:

   *  Phoenix
   *  Riverside, Ca
   *  Orlando
   *  Las Vegas
   *  San Francisco
   *  Hilo
   *  Portland, Or
   *  Olympia
   *  Seattle
   *  Omaha
   *  Sacramento
   *  Jacksonville
   *  Idaho Falls

Wweather and geography determine radiation amounts in a particular area, much higher west of the Cascades and much higher just west of the Rockies.  Remember that Fukushima continues to spew radioactive toxins around the world, into the atmosphere and into the ocean for almost 250 days, and still no end in sight.  The radioactive debris incineration is also contributing to the ncreases.  The disaster will not be over in your lifetime.

Atmospheric levels of radiation will continue to raise and are higher now than when Fukushima first happened.  Radiation effects are accumulative.

Nov 16, 2011 Los Angeles soil samples 300 x background levels of radiation


Radiation Burns From Michigan Rain Nov 18?

Nuclear Engineer Gunderson Finds West Cascades Radiation Levels Almost Same As Fukushima

Dr. Helen Caldicott Discusses Fukushima On Going Crisis

Caldicott received her medical degree from the University of Adelaide Medical School.  In 1977 she joined the staff of the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, and taught pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School from 1977 to 1978.She worked to establish the group International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.  Wikipedia

Fukushima Fireman Dies Of Kidney Failure Video, Click CC For Sub Titles

Hot Radioactive Particles West Coast

Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

As North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy reports, a so-called melt-through is the worst outcome in a nuclear accident.

Things have changed since March 11.

Three melt throughs happened.

Millions of tons of radioactive debris is being incinerated.

Clinton approved Japanese food as safe to import
Japan is exporting food, electronics, cars and other consumer items to any country that takes them.
It is the worst possible scenario in a nuclear accident.

The only difference is that their government finally admitted it.

The facts are that there were multiple melt throughs
The facts are that the reactors are still spewing 24/7 for almost 250 days
The facts are that the radioactive contamination spreads via Jet stream, trade winds, tides
The CDC already shows 35% increase infant mortality US West Coast, through Sept, 2011, these figures will increase.
The CDC already shows 48% increase infant mortality for Philadelphia, these numbers will increase.

So, how is it possible that there is anyone who can claim, with a straight face, that radiation levels are safe in the US?

Japan Nuclear Minister Has Facial Sores

Latest Research Confirms Radioactivve Hotspots In US

Japan TV Host Ate Fukushima Produce On Show Has Acute Leukemia

Acute Leukemia Cases In Japan Spiking Up

Happy Tails humans have been detoxing and taking additional natural remedies, particularly high antioxidants since March 14, our animals have been included since March 18.  All of us will continue for the rest of our lives.  Would love to hear what you've been doing?

Gardening maybe?  Hoping to avoid the radiation uptake into plants, veggies and fruits, even organics?

Not good enough, we've being using   Bulk Zeolite  which binds any radiation into the soil, preventing it from being taken up into the lettuce you'll be having for dinner.  It's easy and inexpensive.

My Top Choices   to protect against radiation are inexpensive and easy to include in any life.  We dump everything into that  raw goat milk   smoothie, along with our other herbs.  The pills we quickly swallow.

The goats that give our raw milk are detoxed first with   Bentonite Clay  in their water.  Our dogs also love the  Edible Earth  or clay, it provides 60+ minerals, removes radiation, parasites, bacteria and viruses.

There are many foods that we have permanently eliminated from our normal diet, unless they are confirmed to be grown indoors.  Particularly mushrooms, they are hyper accumulators of radiation, so eating them will mean pottentiall eating larges amounts of radiation.  No one can tell if a particular food is contaminated without an accurate rad meter, we just assume that everything is potentially contaminated, and work on keeping our bodies strong and healthy.  You can see what other foods we no longer eat on the  Radiation page

Deputy With A Heart

My Life As A Turkey

After a local farmer left a bowl of eggs on Joe Hutto's front porch, his life was forever changed.  Hutto, possessing a broad background in the natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals, incubated the eggs and waited for them to hatch.  As the chicks emerged from their shells, they locked eyes with an unusual but dedicated mother.  One man's remarkable experience of raising a group of wild turkey hatchlings to adulthood.

Watch My Life as a Turkey on PBS. See more from NATURE.

How's Your Fall Weather?  We're Shoveling Snow!

Record Cold Snap In Fairbanks

A mid November cold snap seems to have caught even seasoned Fairbanksans off guard.  I don’t think anybody was really expecting this, 43-year-old Shawn Ross, a lifelong Fairbanksan, said.  "This came out of the blue."

For the second time in three days, Fairbanks set a new low temperature record on Thursday.  A temperature of 41 degrees below zero, the first 40 below temperature of the season, was recorded at Fairbanks International Airport at 6:29 a.m., according to the National Weather Service in Fairbanks.  That broke the old record of 39 below set in 1969.

Mt Rainier More Snow In 2 Days Than Entire Normal November

Mt Rainier May Get 10 MORE Feet By Wednesday!

Glaciers Growing In Us

Northern US and Northern Europe Cooling

21,800 Elder Folks Died Last Winter In UK, Result Adverse Conditions   180 pensioners died every day as a result of cold conditions during the 2010-11 winter months in England and Wales.  The annual Excess winter mortality report estimates that some 21,800 people over the age of 65 died as a result of adverse conditions last winter.  This was on top of the average mortality rate for the same period of time. "Many of our poorest pensioners, families and disabled people, put their health at risk by having to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table this winter,"  said Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus.

Brazilian Meterologist Predicts Global Cooling

Russian Scientists Predict 100 Years Of Cooling

NCDC Data Shows Cooler USA Summers and MUCH Colder Winters Over Past Decade

Nisqually Glacier Advancing

Mt Shasta Glacier Growing

California Glaciers Growing

Antarctic Snowfall Has Doubled Since 1850

Rutgers University Global Snow Lab  Snow cover at week 45  (last week)  reaches Record Setting levels

Still Not Convinced?  How About A Few Government Sites?

National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center

Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS)

NOAA Satellite Services Division Snow and Ice Viewer

National Snow and Ice Data Center

Canadian Cryospheric Information Network

Environment Canada SST anomalies, Snow, and Sea Ice Coverage

MODIS Snow and Sea Ice Global Mapping Project

Rasmussen & Libbrecht Collection of Snow Crystal Photos

Edible Earth

What are the Benefits of Edible Earth?

   *  Soothes and Purifies the Digestive Tract
   *  Remineralizes Cells and Tissues
   *  Promotes Bacterial Balance in the Colon
   *  Assists in Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification
   *  Augments Digestive Efficiency
   *  Supports Nutrient Assimilation in the Gut
   *  Alkalizes the Body

What does Global Cooling mean to you as an individual?  Simply that there will be less food produced due to record breaking snows and floods.  Food will cost more, winter heating and fuel will cost more, and if the administration has it way up to 65% more for heating fuel!

During the last global cooling period there were millions of small farms in the United States and the rest of the world.  People had gardens, a few chickens and didn't depend on government authorities to take care of them.

Happy Tails humans have been talking Global Cooling for several years, and getting blank stares in return.  Our last few summers have been cooler and shorter and last year we couldn't successfully grow many of our cherished crops because there wasn't enough warmth long enough.

We're going to be building, an ultra creative, ultra CHEAP, re-purposed 10 x 30 Green House this summer!

We probably have some of the same criteria that many of you have.  Inexpensive, no make that CHEAP, and quick.  Initially we hope to add several months to the growing season which will make a huge difference in the availability of warmer weather plants.  Then we hope to extend it to year round use.

If you have the money, buy a green house already made to meet your needs.  If not get creative, or grow indoors. We only use  Non Hybrid Organic Seeds.

Even if you live in a tiny apartment or in a friend's basement, there are lots of small orgnic seed packs that can give you incredible nutrition in a small space.

It was the coldest  "summer"  we've ever had. Not until the middle of August did we begin to have a few days in the 80's and nothing higher the entire summer.  Good enough for me, however, a very short planting season right behind an exceptionally wet spring and here we go into a snow filled fall.  The Rotts are all snuggly in their straw and adore the snow.

Tired Of GOOGLE's Restricted Searches?

What if Happy Tails Rescue earned a penny every time you searched the Internet?  Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause?  Well, now it can!

GoodSearch.com  is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate.  Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch how the donations really add up!

All you have to do is click on the link and make sure that it shows Happy Tails as your favorite charity.  It doesn't cost you a cent, but earns us one.  Please?

GoodShop.com  also offers a convenient, exciting online shopping mall which donates a portion of each purchase to your favorite cause!  That's us, right?  Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you'll be supporting your favorite cause.

Since it doesn't cost you anything and you get proven search results, can you think of any reason not to use it?  We hope you'll not only use   GoodSearch.com  as your main search engine from now on, but will also tell your friends, family and co-workers so they, too, can start using GoodSearch to support their favorite cause!  Every little bit really does add up and can make a big difference for Happy Tails and the animals it supports.

Why wouldn't you want to do it?

K9 Immunity - Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

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We neither breed, board nor sell Rottweilers and are NOT classified as a kennel, but rather as a private charitable rescue sanctuary.  Your donations to us are considered gifts and are not for value received.  All of the Rotties are homed with us, rehabilitated, fed, loved and nourished back to good physical, mental & spriritual health so that they're ready for their exceptional new homes.

Adoptions are by appointment only and after you've been approved for adoption. For protection of the Rottweilers, our sanity and in order to minimize stressful or territorial reactions, all adoption appointments & surrenders are done at our office, or other neutral territory.  Your other indoor dogs are also invited to attend & participate in the selection of your new family member!  Unannounced visitors are not appreciated and will not be accommodated.

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