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  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From All Of Us!

Angel Challenge Time Running Out!

The Angel Sponsor's challenge is extended until December 31, 2010, your donation will be matched if dated before the end of the month.

     You can feel great knowing that you've helped make a meaningful difference in a Rottweiler's life this Christmas!  With your help we can fill those stockings!

Thanks for your interest in our newsletter with a holistic perspective for you and your 4 legged companions.  We encourage you to share with your family and friends.  There is no charge for our newsletters or any of the other information.

As a Non Profit Charity we rely on donations of all sizes, large and small.  Any purchases you make from our hand selected vendors, the same vendors we use, will also help support our rescue efforts.

Sometimes we completely forget that it isn't always all about dogs, dogs, dogs so we've expanded our vendor selections to include unique hand selected vendors who offer natural, yummy or unique offerings that the 2 legged members of your family will appreciate.  We truly appreciate your help and support!

Dear Fellow Friends of Happytails ~ from Leneah in Portland

I recently came across a nice form of fundraising, an online raffle.  This one was for a wonderful, hand made guitar that was donated to raise money for a school.  The guitar was worth $7000.00 to $8000.00, raffle tickets  (sold on line)  cost $20.00 each or 6 for $100.00.  Doesn't $20.00 seem pretty reasonable for a chance at such a guitar?   After a certain number of tickets were sold, a winner would be drawn.

I actually then tried to get a local guitar shop to donate one to Happytails, failing that I tried a local luthier, no success.

However, I am wondering if anyone either has something wonderful and in great condition that would not be too difficult to ship or can get someone else to donate something along those lines to Happytails for raffling.

I'm not certain how Toni would wish to work this although probably she should look at photos and details of proposed raffle items.  With tickets priced reasonably and a target number to be sold, this could be a very lucrative and graceful way to bring in some funds to help support the great work that Toni and Dwight are doing.  Best,Leneah

This is very similar to auctions other "big city" rescues and shelters have, but because of the remote location an online raffle would work best for Happy Tails.  Would love to hear from others" ~ Toni

Beat Alzheimer's With Color Purple

"Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of chelators, as is green tea, with purple fruits, which are considered to have the best chance of binding the iron effectively"~ Archives of Toxicology.

We couldn't agree more, but how can anyone eat that many purple foods?  if you want all of the benefits of purple foods, but don't have the time or inclination to spend your life in the kitchen, why not consider this amazing blend and Pop A Purple Multi  A unique and exotic blend of 26 fruits and spices, and 25 other ingredients that help the body create more energy.   Berries rev up circulation and help the body fight off things that make it sick.

With Pop A Purple

   *  No calories
   *  No carbs
   *  No pesticides
   *  No worms or insects
   *  No washing stuff
   *  No cleaning up
   *  No risk of over-ripe or unripe
   *  No schlepping to the store and back

At the end of the day think Green   rather than Purple.

Calming Multi Pop A Green is a whole food multi designed to help people relax and wind down naturally.  Loaded with vegetables and food herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, probiotics and more.  Didn't life and health just suddenly got easier?

Connect Affordably with Unbiased Veterinarians 24/7
Starting at $12.95 ~100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Ink Not Mink Chad Ochocinco

Take The Ribbon From Your Hair
Can You Stomach This Video?
Dancing At The Movies
Don't Touch My Junk
I'll Be Groped For Christmas

Dog Book Gifts?

Healthy Dog Cookbook
Healthful Recipes For Dogs & Cats
50 Home cooked Recipes For Canines
Homemade Goodies For Mans Best Friend
Real Food For Real Dogs
Foods Pets Die For
Halo Spot Stew
Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats
Whole Pet Diet For Dogs & Cats

Did You Know?

Mountain Gorillas Increasing

Each Year Thousands Of Animals Die  in Procter & Gamble laboratories - the victims of painful, archaic and entirely unnecessary product tests.  Caustic chemicals are forced into the eyes of rabbits and applied to animals' shaved and raw skin.

Uncaged Leads international Animal Rights  On 10 December 2010, thousands of animal rights supporters across the world held candlelit vigils and other events to mark International Animal Rights Day.

Land Use  For example, in one year on one acre of land a farmer can produce 18 gallons of corn oil, or 35 gallons of cottonseed oil, or 48 gallons of soybean oil.   However, on the same amount of land you can produce 635 gallons of palm oil!  No, that is not a misprint.   You read that correctly, 635 gallons of palm oil compared to just 48 gallons of soybean oil.

Raw Milk By State

Moscow Rats Refuse McDonalds  As it turned out on the tenth day of the experiment, the purchased products did not change outwardly at all.  Their nutritive properties have apparently worsened because even a rat refused to eat them.

Anti Freeze In Ice Cream?

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure  Really!  For people with hypertension, eating dark chocolate can significantly reduce blood pressure.  Not to be confused with junk candy bars found in supermarkets & convenience stores, but real chocolate.

Why Chocolate Protects Against Heart Disease  The reason for this has now been uncovered by researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden.  When a group of volunteers devoured a good sized piece of dark chocolate, it inhibited an enzyme in their bodies that is known to raise blood pressure.

CO2 Is Beneficial!  Did you know that many farmers operate machines which produce CO2 in their greenhouses to encourage plant growth?  Carbon dioxide (CO2) is not to be confused with its poisonous evil cousin carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill humans and animals in just a few minutes.  Life as we know it could not exist without carbon DIOXIDE in our atmosphere.  Every vehicle made in the last 30 years is equipped with a catalytic converter which converts harmful pollutants such as CO into NON-harmful CO2 and water vapour.

Soy Tyranny in Argentina/Urugay  Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill and a series of Brazilians agribusinesses are flexing their muscles in Paraguay, currently occupying 25% of all arable land for the production of genetically modified soy for export to fatten animals and Americans.

Soy Lecithin:  How it negatively affects your health and why you need to avoid it.  That being said, it's next to impossible to avoid it, they slip this nasty waste product into just about everything including some organic herbal teas.

How To Spot Animal Testing Companies

The Agony Behind The Ecstacy

The Wireless Revolution Is Here And It's Killing Us!  For many, the idea of there being such a thing as harmful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) smog has never crossed their minds.  If you cannot see it, it does not exist, right?  You could be dead wrong.  Protect yourself and loved ones.

   i Shield Cell Phone EMF Protection Chip  ~  i Shield Cell Phone Radiation  (EMF) Protection Chip.  Stick this chip on your cell phone now to protect yourself.   Only 15 min. on a cellphone or your cordless phone without the iShield Chip results in significant dangerous heating of your head and brain!  Also many harmful non-thermal biological effects are happening from the radiation.

iShield Chips reprogram and transform all biologically harmful and dangerous aspects of radiation and EMF's into a wave form that is biologically compatible with your body, and therefore harmless.  iShield Chips also have the unique ability to dramatically strengthen your body’s energetic system, as proven by many testings with the FDA registered BioMeridian MSAS test equipment.  This profound energetic strengthening helps your body resist all kinds of stress and is a vital key to your overall health and well-being.
Click here for Cell Phone Test Results
Click here to read San Francisco cell phone radiation law

i Shield Cell Phone EMF Protection Chip

   Protex Ion Shield ~  Research shows EMF electromagnetic pollution is having a negative impact on our health.   The Protex-Ion Shield is the quickest, most effective and economical solution to this problem.   Protects and strengthens against electromagnetic radiation from: computer monitors, cell phones, electronic equipment, high tension electricity, TV screens.

Protex Ion Shield - Protect from EMF - Natural Cures Magnets

Get Sacred with Stone Ground Chocolate

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on our
  Happy Tails Rescue Blog

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"Hippocrates ~ "Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue.  They are developed from small daily sins against Nature.  When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear."

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We neither breed, board nor sell Rottweilers and are NOT classified as a kennel, but rather as a private charitable rescue sanctuary.  Your donations to us are considered gifts and are not for value received.  All of the Rotties are homed with us, rehabilitated, fed, loved and nourished back to good physical, mental & spriritual health so that they're ready for their exceptional new homes.

Adoptions are by appointment only and after you've been approved for adoption. For protection of the Rottweilers, our sanity and in order to minimize stressful or territorial reactions, all adoption appointments & surrenders are done at our office, or other neutral territory.  Your other indoor dogs are also invited to attend & participate in the selection of your new family member!  Unannounced visitors are not appreciated and will not be accommodated.

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Under the current FDA laws in the united States, it is illegal to make any medical claims for any health supplements or any other natural product.   This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to make any medical claims, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any physical or mental condition, nor to prescribe any substance.  This site provides helpful natural information and is supported by compensation from quality advertisers and affiliate relationships.