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Any of our hand crafted soap bars will be $5.95 per bar if you purchase three or more.

If you purchase five or more bars, they will cost just $4.95 per bar!

These are all large 3.5 oz bars that last a very long time, are gentle on your skin and work beautifully for shampoo bars as well.

You can purchase directly through the shopping cart.    Your total will not reflect the sale price but your credit card will only be charged the above mentioned SALE price.  Isn't this the perfect time to try these luscious soaps or offer them as thoughtful gifts for your special people?

Soap.   We use it daily without thinking, liquid soap, bar soap, fancy soap, plain soap, deodorant soap.  But is any of really S O A P?   What is soap?   Commercial bars of soap are super cheap, available in bulk just about everywhere and some of them even smell pretty good, or at least not too why pay extra for natural soap and just what is  "natural soap"  and what are the differences between commercial soaps and natural soaps?

If you're concerned about the health of your body, mind & spirit, then what happens to your skin is also critical to know what you're putting on your body's largest organ, the skin.   Anything applied to the skin will either benefit or harm you from the topical application of ingredients.   Your skin does not live in isolation from the rest of your body.   If you think it does, take some freshly crushed garlic, rub it on the soles of your feet and have someone smell your breath in about 20 minutes!

So just what is Natural Soap?   And more importantly is the soap you've been buying really soap or is it something else?

The soap making process was probably discovered by accident.   When the fats from animal sacrifices mixed with the ashes from the burnt offerings in the rivers near the alters, women noticed that as they pounded and rubbed their clothes on the rocks in the normal manner, the rocks found near the sacrificial alters resulted in cleaner clothes.   Fortunately, we can enjoy excellent results without that tiring tradition!

Like everything else synthetic, people are discovering the truth about commercial soap.   They are learning that the soap bars that fill the shelves aren't really soap.   They are called " syndet "  bars or  " synthetic detergent " bars.   Detergents are different from soaps and are made from all or mostly synthetic chemicals, many proven to be carcinogenic.    Detergents were invented in 1916 in Germany.   They contain harsh synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, fillers, binders, builders, colorings, dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, additives and a host of other substances that enable them to sit on shelves for years.   Most of the advertising dollar is spent on making these harsh chemical detergents and petroleum products sound more attractive, so they're often called  " beauty bars "  " deodorant bars "... " "cleansing bars " or  " pet shampoo bars ".   You won't see the word " soap "  on the label because they are not soap.

So what is the difference between natural soap and a nice smelling detergent?   Detergents strip your skin's natural oils by removing the natural moisturizing oils along with the dirt, grime and soil.   That's the reason your skin feels dry or itchy and uncomfortable after bathing.   

Handcrafted soap is made fresh, in small batches with attention to every detail.   Most handcrafted soap makers are small family run businesses that are truly concerned about making a difference, enjoy the same things that you do, such as sustainable living, treading gently on our environment, not harming and creating good, ethically produced products, plus they have a passion for their soap making.   You can feel good about supporting such efforts!

One point of clarification.   Not all handcrafted soap uses all natural ingredients. Again, those beautiful names, nice packaging & great smells can really fool us..... but what do the labels say?   Many handcrafted soaps use fragrance oils, dyes and colorants, which are synthetic chemicals mixed together, often dozens or hundreds, to imitate a scent.   This bombardment of synthetic chemicals is possibly one reason so many people are suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity.   Soaps using fragrance oils or additives haven't any aromatherapy benefits.  We use only pure essential oils extracted from the leaves, bark, roots, flowers, fruits, nuts & berries of herbs, shrubs & trees.   Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to restore, maintain & enhance health, increase well being and in therapeutic beauty routines.

Essential oils produce aromatic molecules that effect the neurochemistry of the brain giving signals that create various impressions.   Even subtle, undetectable aromas can produce significant results within your central nervous and to the portion of the brain which controls heart rate, breathing, memory, blood pressure, stress levels, hormonal balances, helps to clear sinuses, free congestion in the chest, relax, invigorate and produce changes in emotional and mental behavior.

Even though it's not required, we're pround to list all of our ingredients so you can be confident that they are all natural ingredients.   You hair and skin will notice a difference using handcrafted soaps versus commercial detergent bars.   Natural soaps are rich, aromatic, gentle, nourishing and we're confident that you'll enjoy the soothing difference!

Three Easy Natural Health Changes:

*    eating healthy living foods
*    use all natural hair care products or organic hair products
*    making the change to all natural skin care

With those 3 simple changes, we have ensured that what goes on, and in, our body creates the most favorable environment for natural health.

It's easy to know which type of foods to avoid and why.   It's a little harder to know which type of personal care products to avoid and why.   If you think about it, showering and washing your hair tends to be a daily habit and therefore what you use adds up to either doing a lot of good, or harm, over the days, weeks, months, years and decades of something so simple as showering and washing your hair.

Discover dirty corporate secrets and why they spend   fifty billion dollars yearly  to influence your buying decisions.   That is not a misprint, that really is 50 billion dollars spent yearly by the food and drug companies, just on advertising in the US.

Isn't it worth remembering that it's spent to influence our purchasing decisions and steer us toward their Corporate Junk Foods, and as far away as possible from anything natural?

Learn more at this great site    They also offer soaps and shampoos that sound good enough to eat!


Triclosan, the antibacterial agent commonly found in antibacterial soaps, lotions, acne products, cosmetics and other personal care products is dangerous!
It is classified as a pesticide by the EPA and as a drug by the FDA.   The EPA considers it a major risk to human health and to the environment.

"Chemically triclosan is almost the same as some of the most toxic chemicals on earth:   dioxins, PCB's, and Agent Orange.
It's manufacturing process may produce dioxin, a powerful hormone disrupting chemical with toxic effects in the parts per trillion,
equal to just one drop in 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools!.   "If you use any products containing triclosan, my advice to you is to stop
using them immediately and throw them away.    It's that dangerous."
   ~ from Dr. Christine H. Farlow, author of Dying to Look Good.

Check Our Other Beautiful Natural Soap Store

African Black Soap ( Ose Dudu) ~Prized for centuries for its natural healing properties.  This great lathering soap can be used for cleaning the skin, hair, and even the dishes! Its lathers beautifully, helps detoxify the skin and is so gentle on the body, traditionally unscented.   Really an enjoyable bathing experience.   This bar really cleans your hair and leaves it soft and manageable with a lingering coconut scent.   PS dogs love this one too!   This is a rustic hand crafted bar.    Contains Saponified Palm Oil, Palm Kernel oil, Shea Butter, & carbonized Coconut.
African Black Soap (Approx 4 oz bar) - $10.95

Aphrodisia Soap ~ ~ Entice and be enticed with this unique combination of essential oils that are considered to offer aphrodisiac properties.   Notes of citrus, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine combine for a smooth ride of aroma.  Ingredients:  saponified oils of Olive, Palm kernel, and Palm with Shea butter, essential oils, vegetable glycerine, Annato, red clay, pink clay, and alkanet root
Aphrodisiac Soap ( aprox 3.5 oz bar ) - $9.95

Ayurvedic Bath Soap  (Medimix)~  Leaving a rich lather on skin for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing derives the best benefit from the herbal active ingredients.   It is an effective antiseptic and beautifies hair and skin.   This imported Ayurvedic bar enjoys an ancient tradition and can be used on your entire body or as a shampoo bar too!   Ingredients:   Acorus Calamus 2mg, Andropogan Muricatus 2mg, Mukul 1.75mg, Berberis Aristata 2mg, Cedrus Deodara 2mg, Celastrus 2mg, Paniculatus 2mg, Coriandrum Sativam 2mg, Cuminum Cyminum 2mg, Embelia Ribes 2mg, Glycyrrhiza Glabba 2mg, Hemidesmus Indicus 12mg, Holarrhena Anti Dysentrica 2mg, Melia Azadirachta 4mg, Nigella Sativa 2mg, Plumbago Rosea 225mg, Psoralea Corylifolia 2mg, Smilax China 6mg, Zingiber Zerumbet 108mg.
Medimix Ayurvedic Bath Soap (75 gr bar) - $5.95

Ayurvedic Soap, Sandalwood & Tumeric ~ This soap is a natural astringent with purifying and cooling properties, contains 21 Ayurvedic oils & extracts, Coconut oil, Palmyra oil, Rice Bran oil, Alkai, water, Castor Oil, Neem Oil, Indian Beech oil, Hydnocopus oil, Mahuca Indica, Sesame Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Neem bark, Dhub grass, Indian Gooseberry, Tumeric, Bodhi Tree, Licorice, Celatur seed, orollacopus epigeau, Nutgrass, Zedary, Indian Madder Root, Cotus, Mungbean & Fenugreek.   Good for oily skin types too.  The Castor oil acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin.   Castor oil packs applied with warm flannel are believed effective for pain relief and to "draw out" cysts, boils and warts.   Ayurvedic medicine has long used castor oil for lumbago, sciatica and rheumatism.   Your grandmother may have used Castor oil therapeutically.   In the Canary Islands the oil is used to prevent sore nipples in nursing mothers and is also rubbed onto their scalps to prevent post natal hair loss.
Ayurvedic Sandalwood & Tumeric soap
Soap (Approx 2.75 oz bar) - $7.95

Bay Rum ~ This island classic aroma of Bay Essential Oil with a touch of Orange for that spicy scent men love and women appreciate.   The base is a lather-rich formula suitable for medium to oily skin and may not be suitable for dry skin.   Fresh & spicy!   Contains: Saponified organic Palm, organic Coconut, Olive oils, Shea butter, essential oils, Rosehip powder, Annatto, Rosemary extract as a natural preservative.
Bay Rum  (approx 4 oz ) - $8.95

Bergamot Mint Hand Restoration Soap ~ Bergamot Mint Hand Restoration Soap is scented with 100% natural Bergamot Mint Essential Oil.  This was originally created by Appalachian Crafters for a mountain basketweaver, whose hands were dry, nicked with cuts, and sore at the end of each long day of crafting.  No ointments or lotions could be used for protection or healing because her hands had to be perfectly clean to handle crafting materials the next day.    This Hand Restoration Soap is made with Shea and Cocoa Butters, Comfrey-infused Olive Oil, and medicinal herbs of Nettles, St. John's Wort, Marshmallow and others traditionally used to promote healing.  The nice shade of green is from the Comfrey leaves, and flecks of ground herbs can be seen throughout.   Contains:  Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor Oils, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Mountain Spring Water, ground medicinal herbs, Bergamot Mint Essential Oil.
Bergamot Mint Hand Restoration Soap
Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar) - $9.95

Black Licorice Soap ~ Our unique blend of oils with added Licorice powder, Black walnut hull powder and Star Anise essential oil makes a wonderful and unique bar of soap with a compelling aroma.   Ingredients: saponified Castor, Palm kernel and Palm oils with Shea butter, Black walnut hull powder, Licorice root powder and Star Anise essential oil.
Black Licorice Soap ( aprox 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Blue Collar Hand Soap ~ Our Blue Collar Hand Soap is made with stone ground cornmeal grits, coffee grounds and pumice to tackle the extreme challenge of removing the toughest grease and grime from greasey, dirty mechanics, masons, carpenters, gardeners or farmers hands.   Blue Collar Hand Soap is scented with a refreshing combination of Basil and Lime and made in our moisturizing Shea and Cocoa butter soap base.  It's also great for removing tough fish odors and heavy oils from hands.   Contains:   Saponified Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor Oils, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, ground medicinal herbs, cornmeal grits, pumice, coffee grounds, Basil and Lime Essential oils.
Blue Collar Hand Soap (approx 4oz bar ) - $8.95

Buck Naked Goat Milk Soap ~ Fresh and without our any aroma or essential oils for those who prefer being buck naked!   Just the ultra gentle and soothing qualities of pure Goat Milk Soap.  Ingredients:  saponified oils of Castor, Coconut, Soy with Shea butter, Goat Milk.
Buck Naked Goat Milk Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $7.95

Castile Rose Soap ~ Saponified coconut & olive oils, glycerin, Jojoba oil....all organic & natural too.    Aloe Vera & Rosemary extract, vegetable gum. Not the orange carrot but the botanical carrot, helps to slows the aging process, may help to prevent cataracts, beneficial to help lower high blood pressure, angina, liver problems, skin problems wrinkles.   Often found in skin care products for mature or aging skin issues.   Carrot seeds are rich in vitamin A and Beta Carotene, an antioxident said to revitalize, tone and promote healthy skin.   Used to treat eczema, rashes and to fight wrinkles.   Carrot seeds are excellent in soaps, masks, skin care products.   In Indonesia the fresh Ylang Ylang flowers are placed on the bed of newlyweds.   It is described as balancing and is suited to dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin types.  The scent is soothing and relaxing, and its sweet aroma is usually irresistible and regarded by many as an aphrodisiac.   Sandalwood has a rich, woody, earthy scent that many feel contain aphrodisiac qualities.   Many individuals find that sandalwood has calming and soothing effects that help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. Often used to enhance meditation.   It has antiseptic properties which are believed to be useful for respiratory conditions.   Includes:  Carrot seed oil, essential oils of Rose Geranium, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang. Compelling aroma yet gentle on your skin.
Castile Rose Soap (8 oz bottle ) - $15.95

Castile Soap Organic Flea & Tick repellent ~ All organic base Contains: Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive & Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vegetable Gum, Rosemary Extract.   This product is thick with a honey like consistency and a dark yellow or orange color.   Because it's all natural it will vary from batch to batch. Tea Tree & Neem oil, essential oils of Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender.   Neem is highly beneficial to help sooth bites from Ticks, mites, fleas and as an external wash.   Also internally good for the immune system.   Neem offers 336 natural chemicals with strong anti-allergy, anti-arthritic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial and numerous anti tumor chemicals.   We combine Neem oil, with Cayenne & Garlic oil for a highly effective plant spray to ward off invaders including grasshopper hoards!   Neem seed oil is very bitter with a garlic/sulfur smell; it contains vitamin E and other essential amino acids.   Neem oil is an excellent moisturizing oil that contains compounds with historical and scientific validity as medicinals.   Tea Tree is excellent as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungicide. This essential oil has natural deodorant antiseptic, and healing properties.   It refreshes, stimulates and deep cleans the skin. Centuries ago Australian Aborigines discovered that the oil from the leaves of the tea tree provided a natural cure for a wide variety of ailments.   Since then, people around the world have come to recognize the value of this natural medicinal oil.    Very gentle yet highly effective....Good for you and good for pooch!
Castile Soap Organic Flea & Tick (8 oz bottle ) - $14.95

Castile Soap organic Unscented ~ This is the mildest castile soap formula available.   Free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, animal products, byproducts and testing.   Useful for hand and body wash, oily hair shampoo and for general purpose cleaning.   This all organic soap is also available to customize with essential oils of your choice.   Contains:  Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive & Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vegetable Gum, Rosemary Extract.   This product is thick with a honey like consistency and a dark yellow or orange color. Because it's all natural it will vary from batch to batch.  Used for all body, face or hair.
Castile Organic Soap (8 oz bottle ) - $15.95

Cedarwood Sage Soap ~   The subtle, soothing aroma of Cedarwood and Sage essential oils will remind you of a trip to the mountains and valleys of nature.  Also, Rosehips are added for high amounts of bioflavanoids and vitamins.  Ingredients:  saponified Castor, Palm kernel and Palm oils with Sshea butter, essential oil blend, Rosehip powder and Sage powder.
Cedarwood Sage Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Chamomile Neroli ~ Sweet, floral Chamomile and soft Neroli essential oils will uplift you to sweet dreams of blossoms & gently rolling hills.    Sweet and complex.  Contains: Saponified organic Palm oil, organic Shea butter, organic Coconut oil, organic Sunflower oil, natural essential oil blend, Chamomile flowers, vitamin E.
Chamomile Neroli Bar (approx 4 oz ) - $8.95

Champaka Olive Oil Soap Soap ~ Offers a wet, earthy and rich floral note that makes this classic floral blend based on the island flower.  The unique herbal color pattern reflects the earthy and organic aromas. Ingredients: saponified oils of Olive, Palm kernel, and Palm with Shea butter, essential oil blends, vegetable glycerine, Stevia, Turmeric, Lavender, Aannatto, Black walnut.
Champaka Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap ~ Contains luscious Coconut Oil, Wild Ginger, Lime Peel, Hydnocarpus Oil, Orange Oil, Sandalwood Oil.   Simple and very ancient soothing properties.    Ginger root has a heavy sweet aroma used by the Indians and Chinese for thousands of years.   Ginger offers excellent cleaning properties that can help with warding off infections and colds.   Most grandmothers know that ginger relieves nausea, upset tummies and motion sickness.   It warms the heart and opens up feelings and improves circulation.   Believed to be a sexual stimulant, sharpens the senses, improves memory and to help prevent irritability.   Aids in fighting colds, colitis, digestive disorders, helps increase the secretion of saliva; excellent for the circulatory system and helps increase stamina.   Ginger acts as an antioxidant and has has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and pain-killing properties.   Beneficial effects on the heart.   Ginger has anti-ulcer activity and improves the function of the muscles in the gut while helping to relieve spasm.   Ginger is also valued for its warming properties and to help prevent tumor formations and to expel worms. Ayurvedic formulas are similar in nature to TCM, in that they view health as holistic, that all organs are essential connected and maintaining balance is important.
Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap (2.64 oz bar ) - $4.95

Citrus Cedar Sage ~ A wonderful combination of refreshing, rejuvenating citrus essential oils, combined with a rich forest aroma.  Ingredients:  saponified organic Palm, organic extra virgin Olive, organic Coconut oil and organic Sunflower oil, natural essential oil blend, Turmeric, Rosehip powder, Rosemary extract and/or vitamin E.
Citrus Cedar Sage Soap Ayurvedic Soap (3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Citrus Smudge ~ This essential oil blend will have your mind racing through fields of Lemongrass, Sweet Oranges, with sweet Petitgrain, Cedar and Sage in the gentle breeze.   Contains: saponified organic Palm, Coconut oils, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic Sunflower oil, natural essential oil blend, natural colors using Turmeric and Rosehip powder, and Vitamin E.
Citrus Smudge Soap (approx 4 oz ) - $8.95

Pure Virgin Coconut Shower Gel
Feel like you're on an island getaway every day in your shower.   This deliciously richly foaming Virgin Coconut Shower Gel by 100% Pure will leave you sparkling clean while softening and moisturizing your skin with Virgin Coconut oil and Coconut Milk.   Does not contain any harsh detergents (such as sulfates) that can strip, irritate, or dehydrate.   Made with skin hydrating lavender honey and concentrated with anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins. Contains:   Organic White Tea, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Gentle Coconut Cleanser (coco betaine), Organic Rose Hydrosol, Organic Lavender Honey, Coconut Milk, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Extracts of Coconut, Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Cranberry, Thyme, Pineapple, Grapefruit Seed, Rosemary, Golden Seal, Cinnamon and Oregano, Natural Food Preservatives from Cranberries and Salt (less than 0.1% of Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate) 16 oz

Dirty Dog Soap ~Happy Tails dogs know how to get dirty, dusty and muddy, but once they are adopted and live inside most truly appreciate an occasional bath.  This super moisturizing blend is all natural and won't harm their lovely coats.   Contains Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor Oils, Lard, Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, Mountain Spring Water, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil.   Natural dog shampoo soap for bathing your dog, with NO artificial or synthetic ingredients to cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.  This is a gentle soap that's also OK for we humans to use too, since it's pretty much impossible to give Rotts baths without getting in that tub with them!   This great handmade bar will contribute to terrific coat conditioning, leaving your dirty dog's coat silky and shining.   The light aroma of Peppermint, Lemongrass and Tea Tree essential oils will also help discourage any skin or winged creatures from visiting too long in the fur. Because this is all natural, and because there are no artificial latherers like in synthetic dog detergents YOU are the one who needs to provide the elbow grease.   Work up the lather in your Hands for 15 seconds before applying to a VERY WET DOG, and this soap will lather like nobody's business.  Best of all, it rinses out quite easily even when used on very thick dog coats.  A clean pooch and exercise for you, what a great combination!
Dirty Dog Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $8.95

Eucalyptus Hemp Soap ~ This beautiful all natural soap will help open your eyes and refresh your skin with crushed eucalyptus leaves and Tea Tree essential oils while nourishing your skin with ultra rich Hemp seed and Castor oils.   Eucalyptus is known for it's anti-septic properties and intense aroma.  Tea Tree oil is known for its anti-septic, germicidal, antibacterial, and fungicidal properties.   Hemp oil is known for its anti-septic, soothing, and moisturizing abilities, very rich in essential fatty acids.   Ingredients:  saponified Castor, Palm Kernel, Hemp seed and Palm oils with Shea butter, essential oils, and peppermint leaves.
Eucalyptus Hemp Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $8.95

Eucalyptus Spearmint Goat Milk Soap ~ Fresh and peppy aroma combine with the soothing qualities of pure Goat Milk Soap.  If this doesn't wake you up in the morning and make you feel like a million dollars, nothing will!   Eucalyptus is known for it's anti-septic properties and intense aroma.   Ingredients:  saponified oils of Castor, Coconut, Soy with Shea butter, Goat Milk, essential oils, of Eucalyptus and Spearmint.
Eucalyptus Spearmint Goat Milk Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $8.95

Frankincense & Myrrh ~ Frankincense & Myrrh Soap is decadent, earthy, somewhat sweet and definitely addictive.   Nice strong aroma may have you enjoying your delightful aroma all day long!  Made with organic vegetable based oils of: Saponified Palm, organic extra virgin Olive, organic Coconut and organic Sunflower oil), natural essential oil, and vitamin E
Frankincense & Myrrh Soap Bar  ( approx 4 oz ) - $10.95

Gentleman Rancher Soap ~   An all-dressed-up-Sunday-go-to-meetin' kind of goat milk soap for all true Gentlemen Ranchers, wherever they may reside.  The rich, thick lather provided by the addition of creamy goat milks make this a winner for use as a shaving soap.  Contains Saponified Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor Oils, fresh Goat Milk, Mountain Spring Water, esential oils of Patchouli, Lavender and Oakmoss Essential Oils, he will smell delightful.
Gentleman Rancher Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Ginseng Soap ~ Chinese Bee & Flower Ginseng Soap cleanses the skin with a rich lather and has an amber scent.   Just as every other soap bearing the name of "Bee & Flower", this product is made of selected materials and guaranteed for superior quality.   Turn your bathing experience into a charming classic exotic excursion to China.   These make lovely, thoughtful gifts.
Ginseng Soap (2.64 oz bar ) - $3.95

Hibiscus Orange Soap ~ This beautiful soap features Hibiscus flowers and Sweet Orange essential oil blend, our Orange Hibiscus Soap is also loaded with Avocado, Aloe Vera and Castor oils.  Great as a moisturizing soap!   Ingredients:  saponified Castor, Palm kernel, Palm, Avocado, and Aloe Vera oils with essential oils, and hibiscus flowers.
Hibiscus Orange Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Gentle Goat Body Wash ~ If you prefer a liquid soap that is pure, mild and unique, you'll enjoy this one, with the same beneficial properties found in Goat Milk soap bars.    Cator Oil is included for added versitality, now it can be used as a shampoo with lots of lather!  This product has not been tested on colored or permed hair.   Please keep in mind this is a natural product, and doesn't contain the chemical surfactants that we're so used to, so it won't leave any film or build up on your hair.  When switching to all natural shampoos you might be surprised to find how dry and lifeless your real hair feels, but don't dispair with time your hair will regain it's natural health, shine & vitality.  This soap can be used for any type of use, dogs, horses, you,'s all Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap!  I use it for EVERYTHING, in the shower, in the laundry, by my sink, even for my dishes in a pinch, babie slove it and so do puppies!  Saponified Oils of Coconut and Soybean, Goat Milk, Water, Shea Butter
Gentle Goat Body Wash (8 oz ) - $17.95

GrapeFruit Ylang Ylang,~ Good for sensitive skin, your body, face & hair too!   Organic Castile soap base with Jojoba.    It penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it; also softens and moisturizes mature and dry skin.  Jojoba helps to heal inflamed skin conditions such as psoriasis or any form of dermatitis, and helps control acne and oily scalps.  It's gentle enough for newborn babies; soothes and restores elasticity to any dry skin area.   It's very good in cases of psoriasis,  Sweet Almond oil is native to Asia and the Mediterranean, the oil is obtained from the nut of the tree.  
MSM is a natural sulfur compound that helps relieve joint pain, inflammation & strengthens connective tissues.  Clinical studies have shown MSM to be just as effective as MSAIDS in reducing joint pain & inflammation without any gastrointestinal side effects.  Excellent also in hair shampoos, rinses & conditioning treatments.  Very cleansing with potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties, fresh aroma balanced with exotic Ylang Ylang.... Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Water, MSM, oils of Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Extra Virgin Olive, Essential oils of Tea Tree, Grapefruit Seed & Ylang Ylang

Grapefruit Ylang Ylang Soap (8 oz bottle ) - $15.95

Jasmine Soap ~ All natural bar, with Coconut oil base & Jasmine & other botanical essential oils.   These beautifully packaged soaps are made in Shanghai.   Each offers a lovely gold seal with paper hands and Chinese descriptions.   Just as every other soap bearing the name of "Bee & Flower", this new product is made of selected materials and guaranteed for superior quality.   Turn your bathing experience into a charming classic exotic excursion to China.
Jasmine Soap (2.64 oz bar ) - $3.95

Key Lime Soap ~ This all natural key lime essential oil has a sharp, crisp & rich citrus note making an intensely clean aroma.    Best For SkinType:  Damaged or Sun Burned Skin, Moderate/Most Skin Types, Moderately Oily to Moderately Dry.  Very refreshing and cleansing, men particularly appreciate this one!  Contains: Saponified organic Palm, Rice Bran, organic Coconut, Avocado oils, Shea butter, essential oil, concentrated fruit extracts and aloe concentrate, parsley powder, vitamin E.
Key Lime Soap ( approx 4oz bar ) - $7.95

Kid Soap ~ A whole page could be devoted to the benefits of goat milk!   Excellent for delicate baby skin, keeps skin's PH in balance, unscented.    Goat's milk is prized for it's incredible skin care qualities, creamy lather and skin softening. Unlike commercial soap, goats milk soap contains capric, caprylic and capronic acids, and the naturally occurring triglycerides. Otherwise known as good fat.   The result is a pH level that's well balanced for healthy human hair and skin, remember that commercial soap is really detergent and can dry out your skin to the point at which it feels taut and itchy.   In order to compensate for that miserable dry feeling your body overproduces oils in an attempt to rebalance the pH of your skin.   This creates a vicious circle with oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads and blemishes.   Goats milk soap simply maintains the balance.  And no worries for people who have allergies to usual dairy products or sensitive skin.  Castor oil is rich in fatty acids and very moisturizing and lubricating to the skin in general. It acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin.  Castor oil packs applied with warm flannel are believed effective for pain relief and to """"draw out"""" cysts, boils and warts.  Ayurvedic medicine has long used castor oil for lumbago, sciatica and rheumatism.   In the Canary Islands the oil is used to prevent sore nipples in nursing mothers and is also rubbed onto their scalps to prevent post natal hair loss.    Indeed, many herbalists in Africa regard shea butter as an invaluable agent for internal and external body purification. Traditional uses of Shea butter include: treatments for dry skin, blemishes, skin discoloration, scars and wrinkles, a relaxer for stiff muscles, as an aid for pain from swelling and arthritis, even as a sun screen.   This soap is gentle, without essential oils and very soothing.   Contains: Goat Milk, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil, 100% Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Flakes, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamins E, A & D.    Not just for kids!   Check out our Goat Milk Lotion too, what a combination to pamper your skin. Bars are hand cut and size can vary, but are about 3.5 oz.
Kid Soap (3.5 oz bar ) - $9.95

La Toja soap ~ Legend has it that a sick donkey was abandoned by his owner on the island of La Toja off of Galicia Span.   The donkey was given up for dead, but the owner returned to the island after some time had passed and found the animal in such abundant good health.   That miracle was attributed to the therapeutic hot springs of La Toja.   The quiet little island became a famous spa where guests travel to take the waters and immerse themselves in the mineral rich mud baths.  La Toja began making a bar of soap from the spa's mineral salts in the early 20th century.  This is real soap, not detergent and offers a fresh, clean aroma that fills the room, it's old fashioned sea salt soap with a mild fragrance, good for every day use.  Originally called La Toja Jabon de Sales.....Create your own spa experience at a fraction of the cost and enjoy what a natural bar of mineral salt soap feels like.
La Toja Soap (125 gr bar ) - $6.95

Pure Organic Lavender Seaweed Body Scrub
Soothe and Smooth your entire body with 100% Pure Organic Lavender Seaweed Body Scrub.  It makes your skin radiant, healthy, and glowing.   Seaweed detoxifies, Organic Green Tea and Rosehip Oils moisturize and soften, while Vitamins and Antioxidants nourish.  14 fl. oz.

Lavender Soap ~ Ah, the beautiful, calming tranquil aroma of Lavender, just what we need at the end of the day.   Lavender essential oil and ground lavender flowers create a natural floral and herbal smelling soap.   Lavender essential oil is known to be analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, and antiviral as well as a bactericide, decongestant, deodorant, and fungicide.   Lavender is also known to soothe minor burns and sunburn.  Ingredients: saponified Castor, Palm kernel, and Palm oils with Shea butter, Lavender essential oil, and ground Lavender.
Lavender Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Lavender Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap ~ This is perfect for sensitive skin or for pampering yourself.  The 100% Olive Oil base, which gives the soap a nice lather and is very gentle on the skin, goes one step further by adding fresh goat milk for a harder, even more luxurious bar for the most sensitive skin.  Lavender and Lemongrass combine for a light natural scent for the most sensitive individuals.  Dare I call this one delightful?
Lavender Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Lavender Oatmeal Soap ~ All Natural Essential Lavender Essential Oil and Oatmeal in our three milk soap base make for an exfoliating aromatic experience.    Moderate/Most Skin Types, Moderately Oily to Moderately Dry.    Wonderful gentle aroma & texture.    Ingredients:  Three milk blend, Goat, Coconut, Cow milks, Saponified oils of Palm, Rice Bran, Coconut, Avocado, and Shea butter), essential oils, oatmeal and vitamin E.
Lavender Oatmeal Soap (approx 4 oz ) - $10.95

Lemongrass Soap ~ Lemongrass essential oil and real Lemongrass accent this lemon-rich soap.  Enjoyed by many for its unique citrus smell, this essential oil is also known to relieve fatigue and aid in the flow of milk in nursing mothers as well as other remedies.   If you are a Lemongrass fan, you will be hooked on this refreshing aroma, great when combined with the Lemongrass Coconut Body Butter.   Ingredients:  saponified Castor, Palm kernel and Palm oils with Shea butter, Lemongrass essential oil and lemongrass.
Lemongrass Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Maja Soap ~ This exotic, unique and unforgettable soap was originally from a third generation family owned business in Barcelona Spain.   Famous world wide and a well recognized Spanish classic made in the same unchanged tradition for 100 years.  it contains Spanish olive oil as did classic Castile soaps from hundreds of years ago, blended with costly essential oils of Jasmine, Rose, Carnation & Geranium. Grandfather Esteban Monegal was a well known artist, sculptor and violinist who decided to produce a soap that would be a work of art as were his other creative endeavors.  Thus he named the company Myrurgia -- or the art of making myrrh.  He created an elegant red and black wrapping for the smaller cakes of Maja soap that shows a beautiful senorita  (or maja)  coquettishly fanning herself.   The cakes are covered by pleated black paper that is now shaped by machine.   Any room in which you place this 100% pure bar of soap will be filled with a mysterious fragrance and you will feel beautiful using it.
Maja Soap (140 gr bar ) - $9.95

Magno Black soap  ~ This world famous Magno black glycerin soap is a Spanish classic.  Even though the bar of soap is black this soap produces the most opulent, white, frothy lather and its fragrance is very distinctive.  This lanolin & glycerin soap was first created in the 1950's using mineral salts, iron, iodine & sulfur from the world famous La Toja therapeutic hot springs.  Many people first learned of Mango soap during their visits to Spain and enjoyed the jet black soap with the dense white lather that provides plenty of foam in all water types.  The natural mineral, Iron oxide, creates an illusion of total blackness.  The aroma is similar to the Fleur-de-lis.  This soap has it's own personality, offers a rich lingering Mango fragrance, is mineral rich and will life your skin smooth & firm. Attractive and unique enough to make a thoughtful gift.
Magno Black Soap (125 gr bar ) - $7.95

Mango Avocado Soap  Beautiful bright color almost like a ripe Mango.  Very rich, soothing, enriching pleasure bathing with this one.   Saponified oils of organic Palm, Rice bran, Coconut, Avocado, Shea butter, concentrated fruit extracts, Mango oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E.
Mango Avocado Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Mountain High Soap   This will remind you of a fresh walk in a high mountain meadow.   Contains:   saponified organic Palm, organic extra virgin Olive, organic Coconut oil and organic Sunflower oil, natural Lavender essential oil blend, Lavender flowers, Parsley powder, Rosemary extract and/or vitamin E.
Mountain High Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Myrrh Soap ~ Myrrh powder is extracted from the tears of the Myrrh tree.  Our myrrh soap is made with generous amounts of myrrh powder and has a subtle, calming aroma.  Myrrh has traditionally been used for skin ailments and burns but is wonderful for everyday skin care as well.  Ingredients:  saponified Castor, Palm kernel and Palm oils with Sshea butter and Myrrh powder
Myrrh Soap (approx 4 oz bar ) - $8.95

Nag Champa Herbal Soap ~ ~Just to get fancy they listed all the ingredients with their botanical names.  As an Ayurvedic soap, could have been in Hindi.... All natural, excellent, feels great, smells good, all body or for hair.  In order to enjoy full herbal properties, lather well and apply to your full body and allow to penetrate for a few minutes before rinsing.  Great for all ages.  Soap is formulated to balance your ph and is neutral to skin.  Great herbal combination offers relief from itching, burning, dandruff, skin blemishes.  Nag Champa herbal acts as an atiseptic to help prevent skin disorders, enhances, moisturizes, cleanses and helps beautify your skin. Ayurveda healing rivals TCM, somewhere between 5,000-7,000 years of traditional use that is enjoyed by millions of people.  This soap produces a lovely lather that is great as a shampoo bar or whole body bath bar.  Soap made from Coconut oil, Contains: Sandulium Album, Tirocorpies Santalinus, Hedychium Spicatum, Symplocos Racemosa, Phyllanthus fraternus, Plumbago Rosea, Mesua Ferrea, Eclipta Alba, Berberis Aristata, Curcuma Aromatica, Curcuma Longa, Rubia Cordifolia, Acasia Catechu, Psoralea corylifolia, Smilar China, Lawsonia inermis, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Phyllanthus Emblica, Acasia Concinna, Emblica Officinalis, Ocimum Tenuiflorum.
Nag Champa Herbal Soap Bar (2.64 ox ) - $7.95

Natural Path Soap ~ This luscious aroma is very compelling, blended with Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Cedarwood essential oils that fill the air with this sensual walk through a tranquil woodland park.  Contains:   Rooibos tea for exfoliation and alpha-hydroxy content for healthy skin.   Best For SkinType:  Damaged or Sun Burned Skin, Moderate/Most Skin Types, Moderately Oily to Moderately Dry.   Ingredients:  Saponified organic Palm, Rice bran, organic Coconut, Avocado, and Shea butter, concentrated fruit extracts, and natural vitamin E.
Natural Path Soap (approx 4 oz ) - $9.95

Neem Bark Soap ~ For over 4000 years soap makers in India have been using the medicinal oil from the sacred neem tree.  It's skin rejuvenating qualities have been extolled by Ayurvedic pundits and their scriptures for centuries.  Our special aromatherapy blend of essential oils is designed to enhance your enjoyment of our soap.  This soap, like no other, was made for people with dry, cracked or damaged skin.  Please enjoy! COLOR OF SOAP AND PACKAGING MAY VARY. Ingredients:  Saponified Coconut oil, organic fresh Neem leaf extract, fresh organic aloe vera gel, cold-pressed neem oil, neem bark and sea salt
Neem Bark Soap Bar (5 ox ) - $9.95

Oatmeal and Honey Goat Milk Soap ~ Fresh soothing qualities of pure Goat Milk Soap combined with the enriching properties of honey.  Sounds good enough to eat, but don't!   Ingredients:  saponified oils of Castor, Coconut, Soy with Shea butter, Goat Milk, Oatmeal and Honey.
Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $8.95

Oatmeal Soap ~100% Oatmeal unscented and gentle.   Exfoliating ground oats blended with, our rich three milk soap recipe make this bar great for scentsitve, dry lifeless skin.  Oatmeal has been know to assist with oily skin.    However we would still suggest using this soap for moderate skin types as well because our tres leches soap formula is very rich with other moisture rich ingredients.    Ingredients:   three milk blend of Goat, Coconut and Cow milk, Saponified Palm, Rice Bran, organic Coconut, Avocado and Shea butter, oatmeal and Vitamin E.
Oatmeal unscented Milk Soap ( approx 4oz bar ) - $8.95

Olive Oil Soap ~ 100% pure Olive Oil, this bar is 100% saponified olive oil, with no other oils, butters or essential oil.    It's for the purist who prefer a smooth, creamy and delightful all olive oil soap.    Mild, moisturizing and great for the most sensitive skin. Ingredients: saponified Olive oil.
Olive Oil Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Orange Ylang Ylang ~ A different blend of favorites that will revive & lift your spirits, organic Castile soap base contains saponified coconut & olive oils, glycerin, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera & Rosemary extract with essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange.  Seductive and energizing.  Sweet Orange is an excellent herb full of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungicide properties.  An essential oil is believed to be uplifting, balancing and regenerative.  Citrus oils stimulate the micro circulation of your skin so they are wonderful for dull skin. Sweet Orange essential oil is a great skin tonic; it supports tissue regeneration and is stimulating and rejuvenating. Sweet Orange essential oil brightens and warms your mood, calms, encourages, clears the head, increases mental alertness, improves memory, and reduces stress and headaches.  Citrus oils in general are believed to stimulate positive energy and thus cause feelings of joy and happiness.    Ylang Ylang, an essential oil with its exotic, sweet fragrance.   It is described as balancing and is suited to dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin types.  The scent is soothing and relaxing, and its sweet aroma is usually irresistible and regarded by many as an aphrodisiac.
Orange Ylang Ylang Soap (8 oz bottle ) - $15.95

Pears Soap ~ Pears soap is world famous but increasingly difficult to find.  It's been a bathing favorite of men and women for generations.  Each glycerine soap bar is all natural with a luscious herbaceous scent and allowed to mellow and age for three months until it reaches a pure transparency.  This unique aging process, followed for nearly 200 years, makes Pears Soap an enduring classic that is extremely long lasting and a treat to use every day.  Pears soap manufacturing facility has always been in India.  Just one company now owns all of the rights to this world famous soap, it's formula and packaging.  Pears Soap is still made exactly according to the original recipe in all ways. Ingredients: Made from pure ingredient s - It contains NO ANIMAL products, nor is it tested on animals. Blended with Sodium Palmitate, Natural Rosin, Glycerine, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Rosemary Extract, Cedarwood, Thyme Extract, Pears essential oil Essence
Pears Soap (4.4 oz bar ) - $6.95

Patchouli Smoke~ Here it is, the rich decadent, earthly addictive aroma of Patchouli combined with citrus essential oils.   It is rightly said that you will either love Patchouli or you will hate it, but how about a third option... you'll acquire a taste for it, like fine wine.
Patchouli Smoke ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Peppermint Patchouli Soap ~ ~   Our  "Tres Leches Soap"  is handmade with fresh goat milk, coconut milk, and cow milk for a gourmet milk soap experience.   Then we add generous portions of Shea Butter and Avocado oil, for even more moisturizers and a great lather!   Your skin will feel soft and smooth after each experience and the aroma is delightful, perky and invigorating.   Three milk blend is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E.    All Natural Essential Oils of Patchouli and Peppermint combine for an eye opening yet soothing experience to be remembered.   Crushed peppermint leaves accent this naturally eye opening soap.   Peppermint essential oil is known for its cooling, analgesic, anesthetic, decongestant, insecticide and stimulating properties.   * Can irritate skin and mucous membranes, so avoid contact with eyes and inside of nose.  Ingredients: saponified Castor, Palm kernel, and Palm oils with Shea butter, Peppermint essential oil, crushed Peppermint leaves and essential oils of Patchouli and Peppermint.
Patchouli Peppermint Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Rose ~ All natural bar, with Coconut oil base & Rose & other botanical essential oils.  These beautifully packaged soaps are made in Shanghai.  Each offers a lovely gold seal with paper hands and Chinese descriptions. Just as every other soap bearing the name of "Bee & Flower", this new product is made of selected materials and guaranteed for superior quality.   Turn your bathing experience into a charming classic exotic excursion to China.  These make beautiful gifts for someone special.
Rose Soap (2.64 oz bar ) - $3.95

Rosemary Soap ~ Very intense, Rosemary essential oil and crushed rosemary accent this robust soap.  Rosemary essential oil known as an analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, and astringent.  Also known for its ability to clear the head and aid memory, ease tired muscles, circulatory problems and to help stimulate blood circulation to the scalp (for hair growth).  Ingredients: saponified Castor, Palm kernel, and Palm oils with Dshea butter, Rosemary essential oil, and crushed rosemary.
Rosemary Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap ~ This is a very refreshing bar of soap, but we prefer it for a shampoo bar.  Rosemary has been used historically to help benefit the scalp and hair, great for dandruff control without all of the nasty chemicals.   We love the lather, the great fresh aroma and how our hair looks.  Pooches confirm that they appreciate the results too!   Nothing quite like a pure Goat Milk Soap.  Ingredients:  saponified oils of Castor, Coconut, Soy with Shea butter, Goat Milk, essential oils, of Rosemary and Peppermint
Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $8.95

Rosewood Balsam Soap ~ Very exotic and rich Rosewood and Palmarosa blend with middle-base notes of sweet Peru Balsam for a truly complex Rosewood experience.   Made with organic Saponified organic Palm, organic Shea butter, organic Coconut oil and organic Sunflower oil, natural essential oil blend, red clay, and Vitamin E.
Rosewood Balmsam Soap ( approx 4oz bar ) - $9.95

Sandalwood Soap ~ All natural bar, with Coconut oil base & Sandalwood & other botanical essential oils.  These beautifully packaged soaps are made in Shanghai.  Each offers a lovely gold seal with paper hands and Chinese descriptions.  Just as every other soap bearing the name of "Bee & Flower", this new product is made of selected materials and guaranteed for superior quality.  Turn your bathing experience into a charming classic exotic excursion to China.
Sandalwood Soap (2.64 oz bar ) - $3.95

Sandalwood Soap ~ Has a rich, woodsy, earthy scent that many feel contain aphrodisiac qualities.  Many individuals find that sandalwood has calming and soothing effects that help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.  Sure smells great and invites you to take your time showering.  All natural based on Ayurvedic formula.  Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend this formula for skin care.   Made in India at the Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory.  Pure vegetable ingredients and Mysore Sandalwood essential oil
Sandalwood Soap (2.64 oz bar ) - $7.95

Shea Butter Soap ~ Our super Shea butter bar is loaded with Castor oil and Shea butter for a rich hard bar full of moisturizing properties!  Ingredients:  saponified Castor and Palm kernel oils with Shea butter. Don't forget these bars make great shampoo bars too, or doggy bars!
Shea Butter Soap ( approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Soap Nuts ( Sapindus trifoliatus ) ~   The Soapberry Tree, also known as Aritha, and it's leathery fruit, commonly know as Soap Nuts, is native to India and Nepal and has been part of the holistic Ayurvedic healing tradition for thousands of years.    While soap nuts have also been enjoyed for decades in Europe, they are only recently gaining popularity on our shores because of their Earth Friendly image as an environmentally sustainable alternative to harsh chemical detergents and their resultant allergies, rashes and itchy skin.   Not only are they commonly used to wash clothes, they have traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for diarrhea, paralysis, to aid digestion, as an expectorant, an anti venom, to increase blood circulation, combat anemia, relieve eczema and psoriasis, decrease migraines & tension, as a tumor growth inhibitor.   Soap nuts absorb water and release saponin, a magnificent, natural detergent that acts as a surfactant to free dirt, grime, stains, spots, dirt and oils from your clothing, or to wash your hair, body or anything or anyone else that holds still, or for anything that you would normally use detergent or soap for, the list is endless and costs only pennies per application!    Of course they are excellent for the four legged family companions, large or small and very gentle on their coats.   Soap nuts are related to the Goji berry, are hypoallergenic, and can be safely used by people with nut allergies.

Some of the popular uses

Hair wash or rinse, adding bounce, shine & softness
Scalp treatment for dandruff
Removes parasites & lice
Soothes flea & tick bites
Cleans skin thoroughly
Creat Body care products
Used as a natural toothpaste
Liquid soap
Washing clothes & spot treatments
Washing delicate silks & wool
Natural fabric softener
100% Biodegradable
Keeps colors bright
Eliminates blemishes, fine lines
Soothes cracked skin
Clears clogged pores & improves texture with continued use
Washing dishes & utensils
As a fruit & veg wash, removes many chemicals
General purpose cleaner for counters, sinks, appliances
Washing windows
Cleaning the shower & bath
Cleaning tarnish from precious metals including gold & silver jewelry
In the garden to repel pests
Soap nuts last twice as long in cold water
Soap nuts saves water, energy, packaging, replaces many redundant products, saves your time & money!

How to use

Laundry:   Put a few nuts  (4-6)  into the included cotton muslin sack.   Tie a knot and drop it into your washer, remove the bag to air dry after the wash & rinse cycle are complete.    You'll be surprised how soft and clean your clothes are without having to use softeners or harsh detergents.   There will be little or no bubbles during the wash cycle, and there may be a slight natural, clean aroma.    Reuse Soap Nuts up to 5 times in hot water and possibly twice that many times in cold water.   You'll need to replace the Soap Nuts when they become mushy, grayish and don't feel slippery.  Simply toss the old ones into the compost returning them to the earth.

Stains:    Soak Soap Nuts & bag in cold water, blot stains until removed then wash normally

Really dirty clothes:    Use more nuts or smaller loads in your machine so there is more agitation room.

Hand wash:    Soak a few nuts in hot water, then and add the Soap Nut Tea to your hand wash.

Whites clothes:   Separate colors and sun dry when possible.

Sparkling windows:    Fill spray bottle with 1 part Soap Nut liquid, 12 parts water, a little white vinegar & shake well.   Spray windows & wipe clean with newspaper or paper towel.

Jewelry:    Soak metals & stones in a small amount of Soap Nut Liquid for a few minutes.    Use a soft brush to gently loosen grim & dirt, then rinse with cool water and polish with a soft, dry cloth.

Plants & Pests:    Almost the same as for windows, but a little Neem Oil to repel pests, spray leaves thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Liquid Soap:    Soak 1 cup Soap Nuts in 4 cups of water, soak overnight and then toss into your blender, strain and put into bottle.    Keep in the fridge if you plan on keeping soap longer than 2 weeks or add essential oils or Vitamin E to prevent bacteria growth.    If it's inconvenient to wait overnight, just simmer the nuts on the stove at medium heat for about 10 minutes, cover and allow to cool, mash nuts, strain and bottle, add a few drops of essential oils of your preference such as Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lavender or Eucalyptus after the mixture has cooled.   If the mixture boils over on the stove, your clean up will be amazing and your stove will shine!

Aritha Hair Tea:    Add 1 tablespoon or more of Aritha powder to 1 cup of boiling water.   Cover and steep for 10 minutes.    Strain the tea and allow to cool to a comfortable temperature and use as a natural wash or rinse.    Aritha is often combined with other Ayurvedic herbs such as Amalaki, Shikakai, Neem or Hibiscus.   We offer and enjoy all of these incredible herbs.    Hair or coat can be oiled overnight or prior to wash/rinse.    Check the oiling information on our Shampoo page.

Aritha Hair Paste:    The length of hair or coat will determine the amount of Aritha powder you need.    Start with mixing 1 or more tablespoons of powder with enough water to create a thick paste.   Gently massage the paste into your hair and scalp, or your animal's coat using your finger tips.   Leave paste on a few minutes then rinse or wash thoroughly.   Can also be combined with other herbs.   Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Bath:    Aritha has been used to help clear clogged pores and improve skin texture when used regularly, super gentle for folks or animals with skin conditions.

The combinations of herbs for a relaxing bath are endless, here's one to try mixing everything in your blender.

5-10 drops of Essential oil of choice, such as Lavender, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Clary Sage etc.
3 Tablespoons of Aritha powder
3 Tablespoons of Shikakai powder
1 Tablespoon of Neem oil
1 Tablespoon of Amalaki

Happy Tails humans have very dirty work clothes with tons of stains from dogs, horses, goats, chickens, mud grease and things you can't begin to imagine, we've had many opportunities to test these little Soap Nuts.  We hope you'll be as amazed as we are, our nasty work clothes come out cleaner than any of the other very expensive detergents that we've used, they do feel softer and look better.  They are a real money saver, and couldn't we all use that?

Mix with 1 Cup of Sweet Almond oil, massage gently onto skin or apply to bath water.

Organic Soap nuts (Aritha) & cotton sack (size 4 oz or about 32 laundry loads) - $ 6.95
Organic Soap nuts (Aritha) & cotton sack (size 16 oz or about 128 laundry loads) - $17.95
Organic Aritha ground herb ( size 4 oz ) - $11.95
Organic Aritha ground herb ( size 16 oz) - $39.95
Extra cotton sacks 3 ct (size approx 3" x 5" ) - $2.50

Summer BreezeThis exciting blend of essential oils is both sweet and sensual with distinct notes of Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Ppetitgrain with soft hints of Vanilla for a soft, soothing floral experience.   Made with organic Saponified Palm, organic extra virgin oolive, organic Coconut oil and organic Sunflower oil, pure essential oil blends, pink clay and vitamin E.
Summer Breeze Soap (approx 4 oz ) - $12.95

Sweet Orange Soap ~ There is nothing quite as refreshing and zippy as Sweet orange essential oil, mellow and pleasant for a sweet orange experience to remember.   The aroma of this bar smells just like a very freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, very refreshing & makes you feel good all over.   Contains:    Saponified organic Palm, organic extra virgin Olive, organic Coconut and organic Sunflower oils, natural essential oil, and vitamin E.
Sweet Orange Soap  (approx 4 oz ) - $7.95

Timbers Goat Milk Soap ~ Fresh and forestry aroma combine with the soothing qualities of pure Goat Milk Soap.  This is one that men really appreciate and so does anyone who enjoys a walk in an evergreen forest, very woodsy aroma.  Ingredients:  saponified oils of Castor, Coconut, Soy with Shea butter, Goat Milk, essential oils, of Fir Needle & Cedar
Timbers Goat Milk Soap (4.00 oz bar ) - $8.95

Vanilla Neem Soap
Beneficial for delicate and aging skin, helping to mitigate Vata and Pitta imbalances. A rich, fragrant, and moisturizing blend of Vanilla and Neem along with Sandalwood, Rose, Amla, Henna and 15 other Ayurvedic herbal oils and extracts.

Vanilla Sandalwood Soap ~   Sweet Vanilla beans and Vanilla flowers cast a soft nutty warm sensation through your senses with a backdrop of subtle Sandalwood, Patchouli and Sweet Orange for a blissful relaxing bar of natural delight.   Please note: The natural oil used is a natural Vanilla extraction which will be much more earthy and less sweet than many artificial Vanilla fragrances.  Ingredients:  saponified oils of Olive, Palm kernel, Palm, Shea butter and essential oils.
Vanilla Sandalwood Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $12.95

Vanilla Ylang Ylang Soap ~ Vanilla Ylang Ylang ~ Captivating Ylang Ylang and smooth accents of Vanilla make this an all natural essential oil favorite.    Best For SkinType:  Moderate/Most Skin Types (Moderately Oily to Moderately Dry) Ingredients:  Saponified extra virgin Olive, organic Palm, organic Coconut, and Shea butter, essential oils, Vanilla extract, and natural vitamin E.
Vanilla Ylang Ylang Soap (approx 4oz bar ) - $12.95

Winter Fir Soap ~   Our fabulous Winter Fir Soap has the aroma of a Christmas Fir Tree to help put you in tune with nature, Christmas or just snuggling up next to a nice warm fire with someone special.  No matter what the reason, this is a delightful hit for those looking for a rich green aroma.    Made with organic vegetable based oils, Ingredients:   saponified organic Palm, organic Shea butter, organic Coconut oil, organic Sunflower oil, natural essential oil blend, Parsley powder, Rosemary extract or vitamin E.
Winter Fir Soap (approx 3.5 oz bar ) - $8.95

Wooden Soap Dish ~   Spa design, perfect elegant statement to compliment and protect your hand crafted soap.   Why leave your lovely soap sitting in a pool of water, when you can elevate it and let the air circulate around it to help keep it dry, retain it's natural essential oil aromas and ready for your next use.   Save the smallest pieces of soap, they work great in a soap bag.   Store unused soap in a dark, dry, cool location such as a lingerie drawer or linen closet.
Wooden soap dish - $5.95

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We do guarantee that all products are completely natural, unadulterated and are synthetic free, concentrated herbal and botanical products carefully hand crafted with earth and animal friendly ingredients of exceptional quality and identified on our labels..   The potency, color, aroma and taste in natural foods and herbs can vary from batch to batch, depending on many factors including soil conditions, water and other climatic variables.   Individuals vary greatly in their degree of health, levels of toxicity, environmental factors, existing health challenges and absorption rates, we cannot guarantee or prove any effect.   Only our Creator knows why something works.  We're a small business and many of your selection are made fresh when you order it, for this reason we appreciate your patience, we mail within 7 to 10 business days from receipt and will glady refund your full product amount, if we send an incorrect order, otherwise, personal products are not refunded.

We encourage and expect your independent research combined with your  CRITICAL THINKING , considering only that which is best for you or your animal companion.   Product photos may be packaged differently then your order, prices and ingredients are subject to change without notice.

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Under the current FDA laws in the united States, it is illegal to make any medical claims for any health supplements or any other natural product.   This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to make any medical claims, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any physical or mental condition, nor to prescribe any substance.  This site provides helpful natural information and is supported by compensation from quality advertisers and affiliate relationships.