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Newsletter # 1

Vaccines, Good or Bad?

World-Famous Scientists Donate Services to

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust

Two world-renowned giants of veterinary vaccine research -- Dr. W. Jean Dodds of Hemopet and Co-Trustee of The Rabies Challenge Fund and Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine -- have volunteered their time to ensure that critical 5 and 7 year rabies challenge studies are conducted.

According to Dr. Dodds, This is one of the most important projects in veterinary medicine. It will benefit all dogs by providing evidence that protection from rabies vaccination lasts at least 5 years, thereby avoiding unnecessary revaccination with its attendant risk of debilitating adverse reactions. "

Read the full story here and consider a donation for their important effort:      Rabies Challenge Fund

In alphabetical order, the following additives and/or residual ingredients from the manufacturing process are in licensed vaccines administered to children, animals and adults today:

Do you know what these ingredients really are?  More importantly are you familiar with the way the body responds when pathogens, cultured in decaying tissue of both animal and human origin, act when coupled with any combination of these ingredients and are injected into the body?

*   aluminum hydroxide

*   aluminum phosphate

*   aluminum potassium sulfate

*   amino acids

*   ammonium sulfate

*   amphotericin B

*   beta-propiolactone

*   benzethonium chloride

*   brillant green ( a dye)

*   chlortetracycline

*   DNA

*    EDTA

*   egg protein

*   fetunin ( a bovine serum protein)

*   formaldehyde

*   formalin

*   gelatin

*   gentamicin

*   glycerin

*   glycine protein

*   human serum albumin

*   hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid)

*   hydrogen peroxide

*   kanamycin

*   lactose

*   magnesium stearate

*   mouse serum protein

*   MRC-5 cellular protein

*   neomycin

*   nonylpheno

*   octoxynol-9

*   ovalbumin

*   phenol

*   2-phenoxyethanol

*   phosphate buffers

*   polydimethylsilozone

*   polyethylene glycol

*   p-isooctylphenyl ether (Triton X-100)

*   polymyxin B

*   polyoxyethyline 9-10

*   polysorbate 20

*   polysorbate 80

*   potassium glutamate

*   silicon

*   sodium acetate

*   sodium bisulfate

*   sodium borate

*   sodium chloride

*   sodium hydroxide

*   sorbitol

*   streptomycin

*   sucrose

*   thimerosal (contains Mercury & other chemical cocktail)

*   tri (n) butylphosphate

*   yeast protein

   Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute

John Fudens DVM states:  He doesn't have a problem with the concept of vaccination. "The problem I have is with the method, an injection is a totally unnatural and artificial procedure.   No disease short of being bitten by a rabid animal is injected by needle.  What happens in this case is that the disease totally bypasses the natural mechanism that is set up by the mouth and respiratory system to resist most communicable diseases.

Thimerosal in Vaccines

Thimerosal Toxicity

Rob Robertson, M.D. -   "Nearly everything that goes wrong with us and our pets, with the exception of trauma - i.e. broken bones, etc., can be traced directly to an immune system failure".    Pollution, drug overload and nutrient-poor diets compromise our immune health.   The key to self-healing is a defense system, which protects dogs and cats from everything from the flu germs to cancer cells.   More than their mainstream counterparts, holistic veterinarians believe that a weak immune system plays a key role in causing disease.   Drugs aren't the answer for immune enhancement.   The immune system is not responsive to drugs for healing.   Antibiotics fight infection, but they don't affect whatever weakened the immune system in the first place.   This is why holistic veterinarians focus less on things that cause diseases and more on those that affect the body's defenses"

   Vaccine Adverse Event Report System (VAERS)  The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  TENS OF THOUSANDS of Adverse Events filed with FDA/CDC VAERS

Vaccine Recalls   Did you know that 300,000 rabies vaccines were recalled in 2006?  Not because of the short & long term health consequences, but because a dog accquired rabies AFTER the vaccine.

Researchers believe that the rabies vaccine causes the most and worst adverse reactions and concur that it should not be given more than necessary to maintain immunity.  Adverse reactions to rabies can include: autoimmune diseases affecting the joints, blood, eyes, skin, kidneys, liver, bowel and CNS, anaphylactic shock, aggression, seizure, epilepsy and thyroid disorders, fibrosarcomas at the injection sites.

"I know some vets feel threatened because they think, `People won't come back to my office if I don't have the vaccine as a carrot,' "  said Alice Wolf, a professor of small-animal medicine at Texas A&M and an advocate of reduced vaccinations.

Martin Goldstein DVM   " I think that vaccines are leading killers of dogs and cats in America today."

Studies have shown protective immunity as measured by serum antibody titers against rabies virus to persist for seven years post vaccination.   Did you know vets can write vaccination exemptions for dogs with potentially compromised immune systems?  Even rabies!

If you vaccinate, consider using homeopathic remedies to counteract any potential adverse affects from the vaccines.  Jeff Levy DVM recommends you use the appropriate nosode (made from the disease you are vaccinating for) be given immediately after the vaccination. The next day give Thuja 30C, followed one week later by Sulphur 6X for one week.

"Truth goes through three stages:

First it is ridiculed.

Secondly it is VIOLENTLY opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being SELF EVIDENT."    Arthur Shopenhauer (1778 - 1860)

Effects of Vaccination on the Endocrine and Immune System of dogs at Purdue University

In most states the only " required " vaccination is rabies, the appropriate nosode for this would be Lyssin 30C.  If you decide to use nosodes, contact a veterinarian that uses homeopathy. While most homeopathic remedies are available over the counter.  Nosodes are available by prescription.

Many doctors have attributed the current epidemic of auto-immune diseases and cancers to the experimental injection of vaccines. An autoimmune disease is defined as any disease that is characterized by abnormal functioning of the immune system that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against your own tissues.

"You take healthy animals and often very quickly after you vaccinate, you can see simple things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws, sometimes even with no eruptions.   We see a lot of epilepsy, often after a rabies vaccination.   Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days.   Frequently, you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination.   If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness post-vaccination epilepsy and seizure".    Dr. Dee Blanco, D.V.M Holisitic Vet Santa Fe New Mexico

"Veterinarians are charging customers $36 million a year for vaccinations that are not necessary,"  said Bob Rogers, a vet in Spring who adopted a reduced vaccine schedule.  "Not only are these vaccines unnecessary, they're causing harm to pets."

Christina Chambreau DVM  " Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing that we do to our animals.   They cause all types of illnesses, but not directly to where we would relate them definitely to be caused by the vaccine."

Dr Robert Mendelson often criticized modern medicine for it's santimonious doctrine. He argues that " Doctors are the priests who dispense holy water in the form of innoculations to ritually initiate our loyalty into the larger medical industry."  Richard Moskowitz agrees "   Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in biotechnolody. Their efficacy and safety are widely seen as self-evident and needing no further proof."

Mike Kohn DMV " In response to this vaccine violation, there have been increased autoimmune diseases, allergies being one component, epilepsy, neoplasia ( tumors), as well as behavior problems in small animals."

Vaccine Damage

The other big news is that Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine has volunteered his time to conduct the 5 and 7 year canine rabies challenge studies. If you recall, Dr. Schultz's research forms part of the scientific base for the American Animal Hospital Association's 2003 and 2006 Canine Vaccine Guidelines

In responding to the claim that side-effects of vaccinations are a necessary evil for the greater good of society, Dr Levy states "It's not the greater good.  You're protecting the individuals artificially, and in doing so degrading the health of the population at large."

Dogs Adverse Reactions   Dedicated Organization For Our Pets General Safety

"Health Hazard of Routine Vaccinations are placing our animals at risk.  "Routine"   vaccination has adverse side-effects, either short or long term.   With vaccines that are repeated year after year, the frequency and severity of these side-effects in our pets has increased dramatically.   Most of the problems involve the immune system.   After all, the immune system is what vaccines are designed to stimulate.   But they do so in a very unnatural way that can overwhelm and confuse the immune system."    Donna Starita Mehan DVM Over the past 40 years and 17 generations of dogs and cats we are seeing tremendous increases in chronic ill health in our pets that was rare back in the early 1960's.    Most of these illnesses revolve around breakdown in our pets' immune systems, and include chronic skin/ear allergies, digestive upset, thyroid/adrenal/pancreatic disorders, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney/liver failure, and cancer across all ages and breeds.   We are also seeing a record number of behavioral and emotional disorders including alarming and unexplained fears/aggression, as well as difficulty focusing/training and paying attention.    The analogy of these compared with escalating immune/behavioral diseases in children is quite disturbing.    The two biggest factors in our pet's population health decline over these generations have been the severe overuse of multiple vaccines and nutrition poor and toxin filled commercial pet foods.   We have also failed to address the  underlying cause   of disease by only   suppressing symptoms with antibiotics, cortisone and related drugs.   So the disease progresses and goes DEEPER.    Homepathy offers a viable alternative in truly curing pets and making their bodies healthier~ Michael Dym VMD

To date, the following breed clubs, along with many animal owners, trainers, breeders, rescues and kennel owners have contributed to The Rabies Challenge Fund:

American Shih Tzu Club

Miniature Schnauzer Club

Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Schnauzer Club

Cocker Club

Duck Tolling Retriever Club

Dog Fancier's Association

Pacific NW Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Network

Collie Club

Soft-Coated Terrier Club

Dog Agility Racing Team

Staffordshire Terrier Club

Stockdog Club

Standard Schnauzer Club

Heart of Great Dane Club

Wachusett Kennel Club

Kennel Club Evergreen Empire

Manchester Terrier Fanciers

Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Dr Richard Pitcairm “ Giving a vaccine to a dog with cancer is like pouring gasoline on a fire

Kishwaukee Kennel Club

" The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ~  Mahatma Ghandi

Kuvasz Fanciers Kennel Club

"55% of all illnesses reported by participants occurred within the first three months of vaccination." Arthritis - Diarrhoea - Allergies -Dry eye/conjunctivits - Epilepsy - Loss of appetite Nervous/worrying disposition - Skin problems - Nasal discharges - Vomiting - Weight loss - Behavioural problems - Tumour or growth."  Catherine O'Driscoll'


If within the last four years you have paid for any of the following pet vaccinations without receiving adequate disclosure, you may have a claim for damages.  The vaccines include the following:

1)    Annual vaccination for canine distemper, parvovirus, and feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, calcivirus (Scientific studies indicate that repeat administration of these vaccines provides no beneficial effect.)

2)   Corona virus vaccination. (Scientific studies indicate dogs over 8 weeks old are not susceptible to this disease.)

3)   Leptospirosis or Lyme disease vaccination (Research indicates these diseases are rare to non-existent in Texas and many other parts of the country.)

4)   Feline Aids vaccine, Feline Infectious Peritonitis vaccine, or Giardia vaccine (Scientific studies have shown these vaccines to be ineffective.)

If you have paid for any of the above vaccinations in the last four years and would like information concerning your rights, please send an email to:

Roy R. Brandys or John Sawin

Childress Duffy Goldblatt, Ltd.

ChildressLaw EMail


If you do vaccinate and use pharmaceuticals, then no doubt you're familiar with the variety of hot spots, allergies and skin disorders dogs can have.  Happy Tails Rescue WildCrafted Farmacy offers 100% natural products that help support our rescue efforts.  Collections are formulated for ALL living creatures,  so you really CAN share your Orange Mango Body Butter with your pooch!

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She has this weird patch on her- we're not sure what it is and so far the medicine the vet told us to try not only didn't work, but it stung her skin so badly she rolled on the carpet and WHINED whenever I put it on her!! (and I know how it feels, it was the same medicine I used for one of my skin-infections once) ow ow ow ow!!

The first time I applied the Ugly Salve, she whined a bit, and rolled- but then...she got this funny look, and licked ALL the places she rolled some off onto....she LOLLED in those spots...and within a fee days, I bring out the jar, and she sits right down to have some applied!!   She likes it, and she doesn't flinch even the slightest while I massage it into the skin boo boo- which WAS all bloody and weepy, and now is only a little moist and crusty on the edges. We still dunno for sure what it is, I CAN tell you that the ugly salve DID make it better! It soothed and moistened it, and kept the skin from thickening like it had been. It's safe for me to use, of course, but I haven't had any boo boos to try it on......" David Emery ~ Seattle, Wa

Below are two untouched photos, one with the vet pharmaceutical product that didn't work and the other with Ugly Salve, both applied at the same time but on different hot spots, with the same Rotti Girl!

Vet product after 3 days is still icky & oozing.

Ugly Salve after 3 days is clean, uninfected and ready to grow hair.

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Among the conditions associated

with or that can be triggered by vaccinations are:

sensitivity to pollen or allergens

Boulders Natural Animal Vaccination Info  "Veterinarians are charging customers $36 million a year for vaccinations that are not necessary,"  said Bob Rogers, a vet " Not only are these vaccines unnecessary, they're causing harm to pets. "

bladder infections

"  In veterinary medicine, evidence implicating vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and other chronic disorders vaccinosis is compelling."


A. Mendelsohn, MD - "I believe my generation of doctors will be remembered for two things: the miracles that turned to mayhem, such as penicillin and cortisone, and for the millions of mutilations which are ceremoniously (and totally unnecessarily) carried out every year in operating rooms." Confessions of a Medical Heretic

thyroid disease

The only true immunity occurs when an animal gets a disease and survives. It is then immune to that particular disease for life.

Addison's disease

Dr Richard Moskowitz, ""  At the bottom, I have always felt that the attempt to eradicate entire microbial species from the biosphere must inevitably upset the balance of nature in fundamental ways we can as yet scarcely imagine 


Dr Fudens points out that "" with the natural disease process, the virus or bacteria doesn't include the antibiotics or the fungicides that are used to protect the vaccine against bacterial contamination. And it doesn't include aluminum sulfate, mercuric oxide, or any of the chemical substrates that are used to carry the virus particles into the body in the injection procedure"

IMHA (deadly anemia)

"Vaccine-Associated Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia in the Dog." (Duval and Giger, J Vet Intern Med 1996;10:290-295) Known as immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), it means the dogs' immune systems attacked their own red blood cells as if they were foreign.  Needless to say, this is life-challenging and the death rate is high within a couple of weeks.


Richard Moskowitz, MD " if we vaccinate, we have short circuited very important primary responses to disease and have accomplished what the entire immune system seems to have evolved in order to prevent: we have placed the virus directly into the blood, and given it free and immediate access to the major immune organs and tissues, without any obvious way of getting rid of it."


“Current knowledge supports the statement, no vaccine is always safe, no vaccine is always protective”


Dr Richard Pitcairm: “I believe the attitudes and feelings people now have about vaccinations are the same ones people used to have about bleedings.  The prominent doctors, all the most important authorities, agreed that the bleedings were absolutely beneficial.  Anyone who dared to question that assumption was ridiculed.  Now we look back on that practice with amazement...I trust we will be doing the same thing someday when we look back on the practice of vaccination.”

skin allergies

"I know some vets feel threatened because they think, `People won't come back to my office if I don't have the vaccine as a carrot,' "  said Alice Wolf, a professor of small-animal medicine at Texas A&M and an advocate of reduced vaccinations.

immunological disorders

Recent vaccinations with single or combination modified live virus vaccines are increasingly recognized contributors to immune-mediated blood disease, bone marrow failure, and organ dysfunction.”  Dr Jean Dobbs

"  Live virus vaccines against influenza and paralytic polio, for example, may in each instance cause the disease it is intended to prevent..." Dr Jonas Salk, developer of first polio vaccine (Science 4/4/77 Abstracts)

In 2002  all 27 veterinary schools in North America  changed their protocols for vaccinating dogs and cats.   Some of this information will present an ethical & economic challenge to vets,  and there will be skeptics.  Some organizations have come up with a  " political compromise"  suggesting vaccinations every 3 years to APPEASE those who fear  loss of income vs those concerned about potential side effects.   (PLEASE READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN).   Do you think that politics, traditions, or the doctor's economic well-being should be more important than the long term health of your animals and a factor in your medical decision?

Is your vet aware of these changes and has he discussed your options with you?

Has he shown you the literature regarding the full range of potential side effects associated with vaccines?

"The medical establishment works closely with the drug multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs MUST be sold.  In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud, and kickbacks.  Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies.  They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks.   The principal buyers are the public - from infants to the elderly - who MUST be thoroughly medicated and vaccinated...at any cost!  Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine?  Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make money with herbs, vitamins, and homeopathy.   They cannot patent natural remedies.   That is why they push synthetics. They control medicine, and that is why they are able to tell medical schools what they can and cannot teach.     That is a MAFIA!"   Guylaine Lanctot, M.D

You take healthy animals and often very quickly after you vaccinate, you can see simple things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws, sometimes even with no eruptions.  We see a lot of epilepsy,  often after a rabies vaccination.  Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days.   Frequently, you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination.   If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness post-vaccination epilepsy and seizure". Dr. Dee Blanco, D.V.M Holisitic Vet Santa Fe New Mexico

How Are Vaccines Made? (DogsAdverseReactions)

Vaccine production is a disgusting procedure.   To begin, one must first acquire the disease germ -- a toxic bacterium or a live virus.   To make a "live" vaccine, the live virus must be attenuated, or weakened for use.   This is accomplished by serial passage -- passing the virus through animal tissue several times to reduce its potency.   For example, measles virus is passed through chick embryos, polio virus through monkey kidneys, and the rubella virus through human diploid cells --the dissected organs of an aborted fetus!

" Killed " vaccines are " inactivated " through heat, radiation, or chemicals. The weakened germ must then be strengthened with adjuvants (antibody boosters) and stabilizers.   This is done by adding drugs, antibiotics, and toxic disinfectants to the concoction: neomycin, streptomycin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydrochloride, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, formaldehyde, and thimerosal (a mercury derivative). Aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury are extremely toxic substances with a long history of documented hazardous effects.

Studies confirm again and again that microscopic doses of these substances can lead to cancer, neurological damage, and death.   Yet, each of them may be found in childhood and pet vaccines. In addition to the deliberately planned additives, unanticipated matter may contaminate the shots.   For example, during serial passage of the virus through animal cells, animal RNA and DNA -- foreign genetic material -- is transferred from one host to another.   Because this biological matter is injected directly into the body, researchers say it can change our genetic makeup. Undetected animal viruses may jump the species barrier as well.   This is exactly what happened during the 1950s and 1960s when millions of people were infected with polio vaccines that were contaminated with the SV-40 virus undetected in the monkey organs used to prepare the vaccines.   SV-40 (Simian Virus #40 -- the 40th such virus detected since researchers began looking), is considered a powerful immunosuppressor and trigger for HIV, the name given to the AIDS virus.   It is said to cause a clinical condition similar to AIDS, and has been found in brain tumors, leukemia, and other human cancers as well. Researchers consider it to be a cancer-causing virus.

What happens next, once this foul concoction -- live viruses, bacteria, toxic substances, and diseased animal matter -- is created?   This witch's brew is forced into the healthy child or animal.

Others see a link between vaccinations and satanic rituals or witchcraft, where animals are sacrificed and their organs brewed in a hellish concoction of horrid substances: voodoo medicine by 21st century mad scientists. Sadly, our children and animals are their unwilling subjects as society is slowly devoured by their insatiable appetite for human experimentation.

" This vital force is responsible for maintaining the body's state of health and balance.  It is constantly assaulted.  Some examples of things that can wreak havoc on the body are; poor nutrition, toxins, vaccines, allopathic medications, pollution, radiation and of course, emotion upheaval or constant stress. "  Larry A Bernstein VMD

Homeopathy tries to strengthen the vital force and the body. It is also very important to eliminate as many obstacles to this cure as we can. We do this by stopping medications and therapies that may interfere with the healing, by feeding wholesome diets and by using other supplements to enhance the effect of the homeopathic remedy.

By: Dr. John Fudens, D.V.M.  " Current Veterinary Therapy by Kirk, the textbook bible for veterinarians in general, has an article on canine and feline vaccines by two researchers.   Near the end of the article is a paragraph called Annual Vaccinations.   It states " The practice of annual vaccinations lacks scientific validity or verification.   There is no immunological requirement for annual vaccinations.   The practice of annual vaccinations should be considered of questionable efficacy unless it is used as a mechanism to provide an annual physical examination or is required by law."   Sure, if we can't manipulate you with annual vaccinations let's pass a law to get you into the office.   Nice trick!

The vaccines, particularly rabies, are a political and economic scam being forced upon pet owners because they do not know the truth.   Rabies, nationwide, is nowhere near the problem the veterinarians, media, politicians and bureaucrats would like you to believe.   If you wish more of the truth go to your local city or county government building and look up the codes and statutes concerning vaccines and rabies. Get figures from local animal control for rabies in dogs, cats and wildlife in your area.   Then you can start to fight back, take control of your life, and protect your pet from the only dreaded disease that is important--special interest groups pushing their program leading to vaccine induced damaged immune systems.   Only you can set yourself free.

Below are but a few of the hundreds of sites dedicated to exposing the bitter truth about vaccinations.  If some links don't open, do a GOOGLE search.

Shirley's Wellness Holistic Site for Humans and Animals

Vaccination Dilemmas

A New Perspective

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The Big Scam

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Alt Vet Med

Vaccinations in Vet Medicine

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Dangers of Vaccinations

Pitcairn Article on Vaccines

Vaccination Protocol

Doctors and Scientists Condemn Vaccinations

Vaccination/vital force

Think TWICE Before Vaccination

Vaccination Debate

If you talk to the animals

    they will talk with you

and you will know each other.

If you do not talk to them

you will not know them,

and what you do not know

you will fear.

What one fears

one destroys.

Chief Dan George

Toni shown with one of our potential " killer "  Rottweilers..or so labeled by Multnomah County Animal Shelter in Portland, Or.

Demonstrated here is what one should NOT do with a dangerous dog, don't hug him, especially don't hug him while holding his FOOD & by all means don't laugh   ( it could trigger that killer instinct)  while he happily tries to slime your face!    Clearly, Dante wasn't a killer, just a sweet, sweet boy who lost 20% of his body weight while under “shelter” care and isolation...

Now he thrives with his new family, and was recently nominated for a bravery award.  Hearing the cries of his sister Rotti being attacked by a bear, Dante launched himself into the middle of the scuffle and distracted the bear long enough for the female Rott to escape. Both dogs sustained serious injuries, did not attempt to harm the bear and fully recovered.   WHEW, lucky I lived through this, isn't it?

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" Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance, it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine...Believe not in vaccination, it is a world-wide delusion, an unscientific practise, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end. "  Professor Chas Rauta, University of Perguia, Italy