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Improve Your Immune System . . . Naturally

"The Great Spirit puts it into the mind and heart of a man the way to defend himself." - Chief Joseph

Native American Nutritionals

Defense ~ Ingredients:

Black Cumin ~ Known for millennia as foremost antimicrobial oils.   Enhances healing at cellular level

Tsi-Ahga ~ Sacred Native-Amerian Healing Food. Modulates a Pan-Systemic Immune Cascade.

Heart of Garlic ~ High in antimicrobial and chelative Allicin.

Muscadine Grape seed ~ Anti-Oxidant protection specific to the Immune System Cells.

Defense 60 capsules 700 mg each - $34.95

Don't just stimulate your immune cells; modulate your entire Immune System! DEFENSE combines the proven effectiveness of 3Beta D-glucan with Natural Anti-Microbials and Healing Enhancers to create the best product available for your Immune System! It stands without question that if the immune system is strengthened, numerous ailments and illnesses can be aided and alleviated.

Tsi-Ahga ~ is a Native American Sacramental Medicine derived from Conks that grow on certain cone-bearing trees.  The 3-beta-D-glucans which make up part of the cellular structure of these Conks cause a pan-systemic modulation of T-Cells, Macrophages and Neutrophil White Blood Cells, when ingested.  In fact, it has been established that the number and viability of these particular cells is increased by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Tsi-Ahga!  Macrophages and Neutrophils are the two cells upon which all other Immune Cells depend.  You can have many viable B-Cells and T-Cells, but they will not be effective without the programming provided by these   " Communicator "  cells.  Tsi-Ahga also contains bitter triterpene compounds that support the thymus and spleen (essential to insuring that immune cells are properly programmed), anti-tumor polysaccharides, blood pressure-reducing angiotensin re-uptake inhibitors, and perhaps the highest source of germanium in nature.  Germanium is an oxygen catalyst and one of the most powerful free-radical scavengers found in nature.

Black Cumin ~ has just as impressive scientific research that shows it to have very beneficial anti-microbial properties.  It has been demonstrated to have potent anti-microbial properties and science has demonstrated why it has always been the best bet to combat colds and viral infection.  One of the most important components of Black Cumin Oil is known to be effective for bronchial asthma and respiratory allergies because of its ability to expand and relax the airways.  It also reduces the release of histamines into the bloodstream and thus works against allergic reactions. Black Cumin Essential oil has been shown to reduce allergy symptoms up to 90% over long term use.

Scientists know that Black Cumin stimulates the bone marrow to produce immune cells, increases interferon production, protects the body against viruses and inhibits infection.  Black Cumin has also been proven effective against the development of cancer. The Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory of South Carolina ran a series of experiments in which mice were infected with tumor cells.  Two thirds of the animals treated with Black Cumin oil were still alive thirty days after being infected.  In contrast, ALL of the mice that did not receive Black Cumin treatment died within thirty days.  It stands without question that if the immune system is strengthened, numerous ailments and illnesses can be aided and alleviated.

Garlic ~ extracts have been used for thousands of years successfully to aid in a wide variety of conditions.  The antimicrobial substance known as  " Allicin "  is produced when the Alliin and Allinase of the garlic are brought together as a result of damage to the bulb or by microbial invasion of the plant. Allicin is the natural defense mechanism of the garlic plant that science has proven to be so effective as a defense for us as well.  Some research-supported actions of Allicin are: reduces blood pressure, kills microscopic organisms, poisonous bacteria, parasites and fungal infections, aids in preventing neoplasm, reduces high blood cholesterol, removes heavy metals and other toxins, scavenges and removes free radicals, repairs immune system cells by providing high sulfur compounds, and increases blood circulation.

The chemistry of garlic is complex and even though Allicin was discovered in 1944, its volatility has resulted in very few supplements or garlic based products that contain any Allicin by the time they reach the consumer.  In the past year alone, supermarkets and mass merchandisers in the United States have sold more than 5 million units of garlic.  This makes garlic the most popular herbal product in America , according to Information Resources, Inc.  and yet none of those consumers are getting what they actually need  ( Allicin )  from the garlic products they buy. It is worth mentioning that with a new patented process for extracting and stabilizing ARPs from garlic, we offer people the product they thought they were buying.  The Allicin found in two capsules of  " Defense "  supplement is equivalent to eating 45 whole bulbs of garlic!

Muscadine Grape Seed ~ contains higher levels of antioxidants than blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, red raspberries, and strawberries.  This finding was established in the early 1990s by Mississippi State University , as well as by the National Institutes of Health.  Because it is so much higher in antioxidants, Muscadine Grape Seed protects and restores Immune Function resulting in a wide variety of protection throughout the body.

With the synergistic combination of these four ingredients, Native American Nutritionals has formulated perhaps the most important nutritional immune support product of our time.  With this Sacred Medicine, we are poised to cause a revolution in nutritional supplementation of the Immune System at a time when it couldn't be more important.  Get yours today!

The combination of these ingredients creates a Sacred Sacrament that all Shahaptian Guides, Healers, Shirts, Medicine Men and Women, Native American Practioners, Traditional Spiritual Leaders, etc. should consider including in their ceremonies and healing rites.  Native American Nutritionals has dedicated its product line and formulary to providing convenient dietary supplements that meet the needs of the Native American Practitioner and Medicine Man or Medicine Woman.  They have committed their project to the Sacred Medicine Wheel and will provide Sacraments for each of the Sacred Points of the Hoop.  When these Sacraments become available, we will describe them on this page.

Native Flora ~ "Hold up ten fingers and put one down.   For every one cell in your body there are 10 beneficial Bacteria."
- Dr. Richard Dicks

Without the proper balance of the bacteria and fungi that inhabit our bowel and skin, we cannot ever hope to obtain the proper balance of two of the largest and most important organ systems of the body.   For every cell of our bodies, there are at the very least ten symbiotic organisms on and in us.   That amounts to 12,000,000,000,000 individual organisms!   To maintain our Terrain, we must think in terms of proper balance of all our Relations.

Native Flora contains the Sixteen Strains most important to Bowel Function, with five billion viable organisms per capsule!   These strains are Micro-Encapsulated to make them both Acid-Resistant and Bile-Resistant.  That means that they get to the bowel in their most viable state.  Where other companies use starchy fillers as the carrier for the viable strains, NAN uses Blueberry Powder which is high in PCG Anti-Oxidants.

Native Flora 60 caps - $34.95

Coming Soon

Look for these exciting new products.

  1. Native Enzymes - an all Natural blend of food enzymes that assists the body with digestion, metabolizing nutrients, and removing toxins from the body.

  2. pH Balance a combination of naturally occurring buffer minerals to aid in regulating systemic pH.

  3. Nataptogens Adaptogen complex designed to reduce the production of fight or flight hormones and assist the body in adapting to change.

  4. Earth MotherAssist the female endocrine system with this all Natural blend of Native American food items.

  5. Warrior - Provide vital support to the male endocrine system through this all Natural blend of Native American food items.

  6. Seeks Council an all Natural blend of Native American food items that assists the body tone and rejuvenate the Liver, Kidneys and Gallbladder.

  7. Seeks Spirit Assist the body to regulate lung and upper respiratory function with an all Natural blend of Native American food items.

  8. Sees Far an all Natural blend of Native American food items that assists the body in cleansing and toning the digestive system.

  9. Looks Withinan all Natural blend of Native American food items that assists the body in preserving the health of the Skin, Muscles, Bones and Joints.

There are certain sacred herbs that the Nemenhah Band considers to be part of the Sacraments of the Sacred Shahaptian Healing Way.   Some of these Sacred Herbs are available in various forms from companies that have committed to provide them for use by Medicine Men and Medicine Women.   Providing products and training in the Medicine Wheel - Based Native American Healing.

Happy Tails Rescue Association is Distributor # 69398

We Happy Tails humans and Happy Tails Rottweilers use these products.

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